4.2 Enhancement DPS Guide.

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Yo this is a awesome guide! A thousand thanks! Elam can you do this for Ele as well? Or is there a thread I should know off that already covers Elemental.
There's a thread, also stickied, by Liax for elemental.
So Elam, do you plan to update this when 4.2 comes out?

Granted, there's not all that much changing besides higher ilvl gear and set bonuses, but ya never know...
Bracer: Enchant Bracer: Precision or Greater Expertise if under caps. (Enchant Bracer: Greater Critical Strike)
Gloves: Enchant Gloves: Mastery (Enchant Gloves: Greater Mastery)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but since the enchant bracer: +50 Agi came out, wouldn't it be better to put the expertise on the gloves if needed for the cap and the Agi to the bracer?

01/07/2011 09:05 PMPosted by Elam
4. Glyph of Windfury Weapon. Current testing has this worse than the preceding three.

And since the windfury change, I think the matching glyph pulled ahead of wolves.
You're right on both accounts, however Greater Mastery is still better than 50 expertise due to 15 more points of mastery, so it would be better to reforge for that expertise instead.
Ah good catch. Gotta tweak that.
While this is definitely a handy guide, I prefer a much faster approach.

Step 1: Look at Dés' or Elam's Armory, COPY EVERYTHING.

Step 2: Push the buttons that make the biggest numbers.

Step 3: Sexy Time
Try to get FS on 3 targets, you can't get more than that. I end up doing your same "rotation" when I try to aoe, FS - FN - Free, etc. Although once I have FS on 3 targets I try to save UE for FN.

I usually do UE - FS - Totems - LL, then follow my priority. However, I know people also use UE - FS - Totems - SS, and wait for LL to get 5 stacks before using it. Hit totems first then Lavalash, keeping Searing up is higher on the priority than Lavalash.
Personally I always waited for UE before doing FS, but it probably depends on how much time is left on UE.
Using UE before FS only increases the damage by about 500-100, so your much better off using FS by itself, and not worrying about doing them both together.
Edit: Ignore what I would have said in this post earlier.

After testing for myself, it's safer to just FS when you target swap if your FS will be able to tick at least twice before you have to rebuff it, otherwise you should ES instead as that would yeild more damage. (Note: This is not counting if ES's crit chance. If I'm wrong about this because of that, let me know.)

Also Shamwow, I found it increases the damge more of along the 1500-2000 range, but it really doesn't matter
It all depends if you crit or not and what your current gear is, but the increase is quite low, so I don't see a point. I tested it on the training dummys and I noticed an increase of 800 damage on a non-crit. If your waiting an average of 2 seconds before using flameshock, and your gaining an increase of 800 every time, lets do the math...

800*3 = 2400

3*2seconds = 6 seconds = extra flameshock

extra flameshock = 3500

3500-2400 = 1100 extra damage.

So if you piece everything together, you will input more damage by using flame shock right when it comes up rather than waiting. But you seem to be much more geared than me, so it may be better to wait if your noticing a lot more increase in damage than me.
I'm sorry, you've lost me.

Edit: But something I am noticing is you assume one would wait for EU to use FS without casting ES on their new target, so you're missing out on about 5k damage when you compare waiting to not waiting.
im sorry, im confused, the hit cap is 17%, or 1742 rating, i have 1688 rating right now, and im sitting at roughly 20% hit, and looking at several armory profiles, so are several others, am i missing something?

Edit: I figured it out, im looking at the wrong hit cap, i gots it now :3

Edit again: thanks Chill
Spell hit, not melee hit.
I need my 4.2 elam guide
Okay, first of all just wanted to say that Elam you've done an excellent job at writing this guide, and after reading it in its entirety and all the post, there is a ton of useful information.

But, i'm just starting to raid and there is still plenty of gear that will provide better ilvl and dps but with the ilvl that I have now, I am only pulling apx. 9.5-10k dmg overall. I know that dps is very situational, and thus my dps output can change, but i've been told that I should be pulling a minimum of 15k dps...and so, im confused. I think that my gear is okay, I just picked up Unheeded Warning, would like some clarification is to why this is bad Chillbro, but other than that I come to the conclusion that it must be my rotation priority. Due to usually running to a mob and letting the tank set-up the boss I open with:

drop totems > UE > FS > SS > LL > LB(/w 5 stacks maelstrom) > ES

I believe that my confusion is comming from reading guides saying to only use FS when Unleash Flame buff is present. But then in the same guide, in their priority que list FS before UE?!? How is Unleash Flame buff applied, if not by UE proc weapons buffs? The guide im referring to list priority Queue as:

Totems > SS > LL > LB(/w 5 stacks maelstrom) > FS(if Unleash Flame buff on) > UE > ES\

I know im doing something wrong, just need help pinpointing it. Id appreciate any helpful or usefull comments or suggestions, thank you!
@ warrah

One big thing contributing to your low dps is your abysmal spell hit rating. without being spell hit capped your abilities have a chance of missing which makes them entirely wasted, you need about 200 more hit rating. Worry about that expertise and mastery you forged into after you are capped.

Secondly i may be wrong but im pretty sure fluid death is a better choice as a trinket than that fireball thingy. Alot of hit in it too!

Thirdly your weapons and shoulders still need enchants. The shoulders are cheap but the weapons won't be. Thats just how it is. Shoulder enchants come from therazane. Luckily lnadslide is alot cheaper than it used to be!

Fourth the priority of:
Totems > SS > LL > LB(/w 5 stacks maelstrom) > FS(if Unleash Flame buff on) > UE > ES
is good so make sure you stick to it. Its ok to open up with UE and FS as you are closing distance but once in melee be sure to keep up the prioroty.

Fifth unheeded warning is bad b/c Fluid Death and DMC: hurricane is better. Thats really all. Also the proc is kinda wonky i hear.

Finally 15K min. is BS. Especially if judging by your armory you haven't been in raids alot. Enhancement has some ramp up time, so as the fight goes on longer you will see more dps. The shorter fights you get in heroics and such will give you lower numbers.

I hope that answers your questions.

edited for bad spelling and grammar

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