4.2 Enhancement DPS Guide.

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Wow!! This was soo useful to me. Thank you Elam! As a new enhancment lover with Cata i've decided its my favorite class in the game!!! You get everything. I was already doing some of the things mentioned in this post but this opened up my eyes to new things to really help me improve and really get better that i hadnt thought of before! Like the Glyphed Stoneclaw totem and only recently discovered the flame shock rotation. The talent suggestions for concussion and reverberation really help me decide where to put my other talents and the glyph suggestions really help me decide where to put my extra glyphs at 75 and how i need to reaarange them. I was also very happy that reading this i wasn't too far off of what you suggested. This was a great read and definately a very helpful post to a new and aspiring Enchancement Shaman of the Cataclysm.
Thanks for the info Orphaeus, I just noticed I was no longer spell hit capped but I was prior to post. I think that I fell underneath the cap when I replaced a few items with upgrades that I got, and I just havent reforged to "Balance" my stats out again. I do remember seeing something awhile back on the Unheeded Warning, but just didnt remember what it was, but i'm pretty happy with my trinkets now. The DMC: Hurricane /w Agi is a no brainer, but this new trinket introduced in Firelands, I think is far superior to Fluid Death. I will research to make sure but Im pretty positive that AGI > Hit, and as a direct comparison AGI has more effect on more variables than just plain "hit." With the set-up you saw on my profile, and some pointers from a few of my guildies, I was pulling a steady 11-12k dmg on raid boss training dummy. I am comfortable in all the heroics now, regular and troll, and my dps seems to be fine in those, I think, well I know, that some of my lack of dps is situational, and due to being new at raiding, and not really knowing the mechanics of the battles yet. So....hopefully with time and experience with raiding, my dps will improve. I think i tend to try too hard, and overthink alot of stuff, which when your avoiding stuff on the ground or killing adds, interrupting, hexing, binding, and not dying or causing a wipe, you tend to lose some focus on the boss. Thanks again for your response and info, im going to hop online and reforge! Also, im trying out an addon called Shock&Awe designed specifically for Enhancement Shaman, need to do a little more tweaking but so far I think I like it.
The agi you get after the proc on fluid death is greater than the flat agi from the fireball, plus crit is just bad. This crit can'r be roforged off b/c it is "on use". But i don't know what that celestial object thing is about so if it looks cool you might want to use it for that reason :)
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Another thing to consider would be getting rid of the "Standard things DPS should know" section. It's pretty useless and requires unnecessary mouse scrolls to get past. There are other threads on these forums that explain how to be a good general DPSer.

This thread is meant for beginners, I'd say that part of the guide is pretty useful for those just starting out.

08/16/2011 01:17 PMPosted by Startrekker
If this thread goes neglected by the OP for too long, then it will get pushed off the sticky list by a far superior Enhancement guide.

Yup. The OP has had alot on his plate recently in regards to work and WoW, so he hasn't had time to update. However, I'd hardly say this thread is out of date or neglected. It's off on the priority, but that's it. Everything else is still good information.

The OP already has a 4.2 layout ready to update, but he hasn't had the time. If you want to make your own guide, by all means go ahead. Maybe it will be better than this and will be stickied.
This thread is meant for people who want to learn how to play a specific spec correctly and optimally. This http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/guide/ and this http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1577522261 are meant for beginners.

And this once can't be for both why? It's a guide, it's made to help. If you don't like a section, then don't read it. It's not like it is taking up space that can be used for something else.

08/16/2011 05:13 PMPosted by Startrekker
I've made guides before on the Paladin forums back in TBC and WotLK to replace old ones, but they were rejected by the blues because "A guide already exists". Pretty much they didn't want me to shove people out of the way and kept confidence that the OPs would update their guides.

I don't think that would be the case here, we have 2 resto guides already.
So does Elam have his internet back yet?

This thing needs to be updated with the new info from 4.2 still, and 4.3 is coming soon. Unless somebody who knows what they're doing is totally willing to write their own in his absence...
No idea. I was thinking of just copy/pasting his 4.2 guide and trying to get it stickied, or trying to get the mods to update this post with the 4.2 guide.
In theory it should be back 'soon'. I wouldn't mind taking the 4.2 guide and getting it stickied from one of us, but dunno. Would like to see Elam keeping the guide for the time being.
Me too, but it's alot easier to yell at people for not reading stickies when they're up to date.
Yay for update!
so does anybody know if the eye of purification is still BiS for our MH weapons or is it better to have 2 agi weapons.
EoP is still BiS.

Requesting footnotes for priority stats.
01/07/2011 09:09 PMPosted by Elam
Basic stat priority: Agility >>>>> Spell hit to cap> Expertise to cap> Mastery>>Crit/Haste
Hey Experienced SHamans I put up a post in SHamn Forums was wondering if I could get some theory craft help!!! Can't seem to improve my DPS I think Im missing something

Thx Alot
You forgot to put 10% AP for the buffs you give.
10/01/2011 11:44 AMPosted by Barminicton
You forgot to put 10% AP for the buffs you give.

Originally that list was totems, and then got turned into the buffs totems provide, adding 10% AP would probably be a good idea at this point in time.

Also Elam, you put the strong amount for str/agi. ;)
should the higher dps weapon be in my mh or oh...just wanting to know till i get another 378 wep

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