4.2 Enhancement DPS Guide.

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10/07/2011 05:20 AMPosted by Nixxlol
How big is the difference in accuracy between Rawr and EnhSim? I had EnhSim in Wrath, but didn't really like it because it was kind of annoying to use for my alt's off spec. I don't think laziness is a great excuse for being awful though, so if I have to use it I have to use it.

Rawr doesn't calculate the DPS anywhere close to correct last time I checked (about 2 months ago), Rawr is a perfectly fine program for gearing out dolls and testing different configurations, there's an export that will dump right into Enhsim as well. The only problem I have seen with the export is it doesn't bring your glyphs over, and possibly your talents, so double check those.
10/07/2011 03:34 PMPosted by Nixxqt
Rawr is a perfectly fine program for gearing out dolls and testing different configurations,

So I can trust it when it tells me that Item A is better than Item B? That's all I really need it for. It's an alt and I only care to a certain extent.

No. He means it's perfect for giving you a set of gear that you can then export into EnhSim and find out just how good it is. Rawrs calculations are way off and the Enhancement version hasn't been touched since 4.0.6.
Heh, I couldn't find it at first either.

Where there's tabs named Stats, Talents, Buffs, etc click on Options
Under that, there's 3 more tabs. The one on the right should say EnhSim.
Just hit export, copy+paste, then import it into EnhSim
"-The most potent array of buffs from a single source in the game. While you don't offer them all at the same time, you offer: "

This is not true.... hunters can give more buff... as a matter of fact hunters can cover (i believe) any buff in the game (though pets)
Much <3 for this guide. My shammy went from hitting 8k dps when very lucky to hitting 12k+ dps with ease! Not bad for a new 85!
Is there a reason why this guide only lists tier1-6(or 7, cant remember after mouse click, damn drugs)?

drugs are bad, mkay.
There's only 7 talent tiers in each tree ;)
Ahh okay.thought he was doing best tier for ench dps
Is there an addon that makes Multi-dotting FS easier?
Tidy Plates shows the debuffs on enemy healthplates.

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