4.2 Enhancement DPS Guide.

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Bump because I miss Elam.
This should not be on page 4. Blizz can you plz Sticky this. Great guide Elam...

01/07/2011 8:59 PMPosted by Elam
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You beat Matuk hands down!
Hi, I'm a fellow enhance shaman and I like this guide. Except, the point in which searing totem becomes a priority, although good, and I do use it quite often on single target DPS. I find that Magma totem works better, not because it does a decent amount of AoE damage but also because it allows you to mix in Fire Nova into your rotation which a massive DPS boost especially when it comes to AoE.
The priority is for single target only. Magma/Fire Nova works when there is 4+ targets around.
i can always count on Elam XD
Umm... what the HECK did they do to our searing totem!!! It shoots at everything now!!
YAY sticky grats Elam!
Uhh. So, the first time I got stickied, it was while I was a way on a boat in the middle of the ocean for a cruise.

the second time I got stickied, I'm away at a conference for work. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN WHEN I'M NOT HOME TO EDIT. ;~;

Edit: Also, ty to everyone who reported this post. I'll now HAVE to edit it!
I am looking to start raiding as an elemental shaman so in an effort to do so I am researching ways to improve my dps and maintain +hit.

I can usually pull 12-13k dps in heroics in my current +hit gear, just testing it out in various heroics.

I am currently more crit based but it appears from reading multiple sources I need to change up out of the crit to more haste and mastery which will require some gem changes and reforging.

Now looking at +hit I see that yes we can use spirit gear but then when upgrading to higher item level elemental gear, even our T11 does not have spirit to maintain our +hit. What would you suggest would be some good methods to maintain +hit?

I was thinking that perhaps using a flask and food would give up to 390 spirit which would allow for more elemental focused gear which would improve your other stats accordingly but would that be worth the loss of 390 intellect?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
this really helps.....(im a n00b shammy) i needed someone to tell me this =O
in PTR they made searing totem be able to use fire nova......
Thank you so much Elam!!!!

I've been tryin to increase my shammy and you post is uber insightful.

TY again!!!! ^_^
I got few questions if someone could answer them:

1.Is Flame shock really worthing it versus Constant spam of Earth Shock with Reverberation Talent?
I have been seeing many guides saying you need to use Flame Shock in the rotation. However, I personally do not see any gains while testing on dummies and all (I'm even getting lower results). As far as I can tell, only TGN said that Earth Shock spam is better than FS/ES. I guess I might just have some issues in my rotation, but as far as I can tell, spamming Earth shock with SS debuff makes it crit about 50% of the time, giving me a good amount of dps. Sure, unleash element increases the damage of flame shock but meh...I don't know.

2. People says that Feral Spirit is a good glyph despite the low improved compared to the others (unless you are maining with spell power), but is Glyph of Shocking a bad choice?

3. Considering Enhancement shaman have alot of basic Crit(from the gear, stats and talent), how could haste be lower than that in stats priority if haste increases your attack speed, therefore allowing more chances to procs Maelstrom?
why i can only pull 5-7k dps in trash mobs and boss too, i do rotation exact like u say but thats the best i can do, u can see my equip
Anyone know if The Claw MH with maimgors OH is better than rolling with the claws set i have all 3 but cant find anything on the interweb and dont feel like running sims
Thanks for the guide and laying this info out, the only thing I'd like to point out is that Imp. Fire Nova doesn't really seem to get taken by many of the enhance shamans with top DPS on WoL as far as I've seen. Not saying it's bad by any means, but far from mandatory.
What i want to know is where did the Ele portion of this guide disappear too. Ele didnt get much in this patch but what they did get was definitely a buff.

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