Best 70-80 Northrend Zones

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What level should i go to what zone,( the best zone ), which zones should i avoid?

Also how is my mining and skinning level for a level 70.

Skinning: 425
Mining: 369
This is what I've done, and I've leveled through Northrend....a lot, both Alliance and Horde. :p

68-71: Borean Tundra
71-73: Dragonblight
73-75: Grizzly Hills
75-76: Zul'Drak
76-78: Shalozar Basin
78-80: Icecrown

You can stay a lot longer in some of those zones, but I've done this so many times and hate Northrend with such vengeance that I have to spend as little time as possible in a zone or I'd go insane. :p

With the recent 20% xp nerf, you can do this over the course of a weekend even as a normal non-cheetos-encrusted-obssessive freak.
Anymore opinions?

and thanks, person above :)
any other opinions?
well i suggest running instances while you quest.
i did:
68-72 borean tundra
72-75 dragonblight
75-77 grizzly hills
77-80 icecrown

or something like that. dungeons filled in the gaps
Do instances.

For me:
70-73 Borean tundra
73-75 dragonblight
75-77 Sholozhar basin
77-79 Storm peaks
79-80 Icecrown

I think it was.I don't remember exactly,
You can level anywhere really.No places to avoid.
I did some WG in between.
Also, 425 is the cap for WotLK, right?
I'd level mining a bit more.Other than that looks good.

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