Dealing with the shadows( Open RP)

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
BOOM! We have warning that their was a explosion at the Stormwind dock's coast Marshal! Marshal Douglas with a group of Royal Stormwind guards ran down too see what has happened. They come to no surprise that it was Charles B Weatherton the infamous Paladin engineer. His goal in live is too make a bomb that covers a controlled area completely with light and eradicates all demonic or evil things in such space. Douglas yells Weatherton what have you done now! I was trying to perfect my work. I may have used too much elementium powder maybe i should.... Maybe you should get out of Stormwind! We will not take anymore of your explosion and heinous acts of injustice. But sir I am only trying to perfect my work ; and why so Paladins shouldn't even be near a bomb or engineering plan in the first place. Royal guards take him away and destroy this stuff.

Charles now thrown out of Stormwind goes to look for his friend Max W Rustywheels in Goldshire who is a profound engineer said to have been taught by the gnomes of Ironforge ; but on his way he runs into a shady looking gnome trying to sell him something.

(This is the first time I have ever really RPed so dont know if its good)

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