heroic healing tips?

so i just got a high enough gear lvl to run heroics, i get into my first one and the first pull i go oom and almost wipe, then two pulls later a pat comes in and the tank is taking significant damage, i go oom, we wipe. I was planning on running heroics to get geared for raiding, i am also spamming pvp for honor points to get gear. I guess my question is how can i be mana efficient while still healing fast enough in a heroic dungeon with 63k mana 1405 spirit and 2699 intellect. do i need to reforge for spirit?

i usually use holy light and divine light on the tank sometimes i have too use flash of light, and of corse i try to pop in word of glory when i have full holy power.

any help is greatly appreciated =]]]]
chances are if your in good gear nearing 4600+ sp

the tank your running with isn't gear enough or doesn't have much mitigation , you guys are not using CC and the tank is suffering from wrath syndrome, your dps doesn't know how to attack the main target of tank or tank can't hold aggro for aoe.

but as far as my priorities i mostly HS and HL trying to top off everyone , during hard hitting pulls and boss fights along with CD DL and FL (normally this will put me oom).

of course i toss in word of glory when holy power is up but i will say this HS and word has save me from many wipes when i'm oom on boss fights.

also radiance helps a lot to keep topping off people.

the whole objective i would suggest you try by all means to eliminate massive damage done to the tank through cc in some cases trash hit way harder than bosses so if your tank thinks he can tank 3-5 mobs and his healer can keep him up then school him on the finer points of mana regen.
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I guess my question is how can i be mana efficient while still healing fast enough in a heroic dungeon with 63k mana 1405 spirit and 2699 intellect. do i need to reforge for spirit?

You would need an exceptional tank, good CC and blazing dps.

In some heroic fights I struggle to keep people alive and i have 4394 intellect, 1956 spirit, 5856 spell power and 85k mana unbuffed.

I think you should be doing regular runs and pick up the good healing level 333 gear and get to the point you know the bosses really well, it can improve on your longevity when stepping up to heroic mode.

You still have a fair few pieces that are not good for healing. The trinkets need to go, you can find some decent regular mode trinkets, alternatively you could skill up your JC and get the quest items for the figurines of Dream Owl and Jeweled Serpent.

In terms of healing, judge costs about 1k mana and returns 3.5k, if you have mana issues you should look to judge as frequently as possible to stem the mana bleeding. Some trash hits crazy hard, other trash isn't so bad, especially if you CC.
I would add to make sure you are using Avenging Wrath and Divine Favor to maximize your heals when you can. As obvious as this seems I came back to WoW a few weeks ago after quitting shortly after Wrath came out and solo leveled from 49 (twink) to 85 in a few weeks. Solo questing was less than challenging. Anyway, I never got into the habit of using them and then wondered why I got booted from instances for sucking.

While I still may suck, I at least remember to use my cooldowns now. Your mileage may vary.
so i just got a high enough gear lvl to run heroics,{/quote]

Your OVERALL iLvL allows you to queue. You're current gear however isn't good enough. Keep in mind that the iLvl counts the highest piece you own per slot, even if it's in the bank and doesn't belong to your current spec.

i am also spamming pvp for honor points to get gear.

For PvP cool. For PvE not so cool. Just spam the regular dungeons until you get the pieces you need.

[quote]I guess my question is how can i be mana efficient while still healing fast enough in a heroic dungeon with 63k mana 1405 spirit and 2699 intellect. do i need to reforge for spirit?

Gear the gear and go for haste to use your more mana efficient spells faster. It'll come with the gear
1. Get more Spirit.

2. Use healer trinkets. Yours are retarded.

3. Avoid FoL - it's your lowest HPM heal and you won't be able to afford to use it often. You shouldn't need to it with any regularity anyway.

4. Get some cheapie enchants, they help a lot.

5. Do not gem straight Stamina.

6. Fix your Glyphs.

7. Fix your Spec.
Importantly, heal to keep people alive, do not bust a gut trying to keep everyone at 100%, especially dps. Melee dps will take more damage than ranged dps.

You will get a feel for what your tank can cope with and you will see how quickly his health drops so you can gauge how quickly you need to heal and which heal you need to use. Once you have done all the instances in normal mode you will know which trash hits harder, which bosses are more troublesome.

I, generally, wont heal dps unless they fall below 75% unless I know the fight can one shot someone at that level.

Holy shock almost every time it us up, which will generate cheap holy power, unless you are confident of hitting at least 3 people with LoD, just use a WoG. It does a reasonable amount of healing for no mana. LoD will transfer to the Beacon target.

If you are in a fight where everyone is taking damage you would want to use holy radiance, while it is expensive it is very mana efficient if it is hitting healing everyone. It benefits a lot from haste, using DF just before HR will generate more ticks.

If everyone is dropping fast, Guardian of Ancient Kings is your best AE healing because it not only replicates the first 5 single target heals you cast, he also heals everyone within 10 yards for 10% of the amount healed. Under heavy damage scenarios, using this with divine lights is your best chance to keep the party alive.

If you are pugging and not using the voice tool it is probably a good idea to make a macro informing people to head towards you, HR and GotAK are relatively close range abilities and if you let off LoDs under heavy fire then it is best if everyone is nearby, unless the encounter specifically makes close proximity bad.

Your JC trinkets are fantastic trinkets, i highly recommend you skill up JC.

I am not overly fond of Holy Light, while it is cheaper the change to ToR means it does not produce any holy power. With 6k spell power once accounting for beacons and holy power generated, Divine Light comes out to be more efficient than Holy Light assuming you use 3 HP into WoGs whenever it is ready.

DL also heals for bigger chunks, it gives more freedom to judge on CD which is equivalent to about 1.4k mp5.

I save HL for non-beacon healing when the damage intake is not high.

pm me in game, your itemization, glyph and talents are complete crap
Only gem I see is a stam gem. That is utterly useless on you.

Your reforging is weird since you forged out of haste only to have 40 or so haste given back.

I generally dont touch haste at all and reforge all mastery and crit rating into spirit or more haste(but mainly spirit).

Your spec is a little off. Check out other's specs including my off spec to get a better idea of what you should be aiming for.

As for technique I try to judge immediately for the haste increase. This allows you to cast your heals fast. If you can help it use holy light and holy shock when its off cooldown. Even being poorly geared this should be possible on trash if people are ccing and kicking spells. If the tank is getting hit hard supplement holy light for divine light and have beacon on tank as well. Use holy shock when its off cooldown and use word of glory when you hit 3 holy power as well regardless if your using divine light or holy light.

Also if you can help it judge every time its off cooldown and become comfortable using your cooldowns especially once you become experienced with the lay outs of fights.

Only use flash of light under extreme circumstances and it means fast heal or death. It can be difficult to catch these moments so being a good healer is really all about using the right heal at the right time. The tooltips give you an idea.

Holy Light = light damage very mana efficient
Divine Light = Heavy damage heal, not very efficient
Flah of Light = Quick heal, use only in an emergency
Holy Shock = Generates holy power, use it when its up
Word of Glory = Heal that does not cost any mana use it when you get 3 HP.
Holy Radiance = Use when there is tons of group damage
Dawn of Light = Use when there is tons of group damage

Holy might be my offspec but Ive been raiding with it for the past 3 weeks.
Don't bother with Holy Light and Light of the Dawn. Use CD's at all times and tell the group to wait between pulls so you have a few up. Make sure to have plenty of water.

When you go oom make sure to get into melee range and get it back up to a reasonable amount.

Don't be afraid to divine plea in combat. Just right click the buff to turn it off.
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so i just got a high enough gear lvl to run heroics

Yeah... don't do a heroic unless you're 100% confident you'll be able to do it. This isn't Wrath anymore

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