Is my gear ready for raids?

Hi i would just like some expert advice about my gear.. Im a new tank, first toon, and been with it for 3 months now. When i do heroics they say im a great tank but i want to be really ready for raids because i havent been in one yet.. So please if you have advices and suggestions i would really appreciate it! Thanks!
Well my OT for my guild is in worse gear than you by a little bit and we managed to down Halfus, so I would say your gear is alright although I would suggest a spec change as hallowed ground and judgements of the pure are very very minor threat gains. I would suggest something closer to one of the EJ or maintankadin.
eye for an eye, improved judgements or rule of law are much better to spec in that hallowed ground and jotp - 15% crit on cs/hotr/wog is delicious

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