Best ally race for Ret PvE/PvP pally?

Bout to finish an heirloom set, what's the best chosen race for the Paladin all around in both raids? What about PvP?
human because they have the free trinket.
If I were alliance I would pick draenei, the hit racial and the new buff teh gift of the naru look good
For Alliance, all options are good for Ret.

Humans get 3 expertise with Maces and Swords.
Dwarves get 5 expertise with Maces
Draenei get 1% hit.

So, it comes down to the additional stuff.

-Humans get 10% rep gains, 3% Spirit, and a free trinket to break almost any CC.

-Dwarves get faster Archaeology surveys, Frost Resistance, and 10% damage reduction cooldown that clears all poisons, diseases, and bleeds on you.

-Draenei get a 20% HP HoT, Shadow Resistance, and better Jewelcrafting.

So, really, any choice is good for Ret. Pick the one you like most based on appearance or lore. Granted, Human Ret Paladins might be a bit better than Dwarves and Draenei at pvp, if only for the extra trinket slot. But that wouldn't be by much.

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