Throne of the Tides FPS Drop...

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01/09/2011 7:34 PMPosted by Zyros
What do you think Mhok?

Yea that sounds about right, have you tried it out yet?

I guess if it goes all screwy again it must have been something in those folders messing it up.
Just ran it a second time, no issues!

Glad I could add in my old addon settings and have it still work.

I feel one more try will definitely confirm it's fixed, but it's looking good now.
Man that's some strange stuff going on. Well at least you got your issue sorted out. I haven't had the issue since it was fixed by the same methods you used. Here's hoping its fixed for good!
I know this is an old post, but for anyone who wants to know...

If you set this:

/console ffx 0

those neat little bubbly textures all over the place will not be there at all.

/console ffx 1

Setting it to 1 will cause those bubbles to appear. Also, I'm thinking this is also why I was having a similar fps decay issue in the Terrace of Endless Springs raid zone, which is what prompted me to investigate. I have not done Terrace since I tried this fix, but I'm hoping this is what will fix it.

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