DK / Prot Pally / Resto Druid LF Guild

Looking for a later night raiding guild, (Preferably after 10).
Respond in this forum or in-game for more information or if interested.

Hello there! I was interested in knowing the names of the Prot pally and Resto druid if possible.
Xbzen -
Turkeys -
Hello Kumquats Apocalyptic Horsemen is a raiding guild that has been around since Burning Crusade. We are currently seeking new members after some crazy things happened. We have a high priority on tanks and healers right now. We raid 10pm to 1am est on tues wed thurs. All that we ask is that if you sign up you show up. If you do not sign up because of work or whatever it is perfectly fine. We are about raiding, but not going to be elitist jerks to get there. We are a friendly group of people that use vent for more than raiding, we also like to just hang out on there even if we are just farming for mats. Feel free to message me in game for more details or if you wish to join.

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