Heroic Dungeon and iLvl requirement question

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So we're trying to get our fresh 85 healer geared for raids. We've got a solid group of Tank/dps and I'm just wondering if even though he doesn't meet the 329 ilvl requirement, if we walk to the dungeon, can he get in?

TL;DR: If not using the LFD tool, can someone under illvl requirement get into heroics?
I don't know the answer to your question but why would you want a healer with less then 329 ilevel to heal a herioc anyways? It won't work.
on a healer especially i woudln't bring him into the heroic @ below 329.....help him grind rep for faction peices....tell him to finish quest lines and what not.

over half of the gear i used to get into heroics was from quests and i've been doing OK healing.
Yes you can walk in. But you lose the benefit the daily reward. Theres even a rarely used artifact called a summoning stone outside each instance, so two of you can summon all your firends to it :D

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