What would Azeroth REALLY look like at night?

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Epic is all I can say Blizz get on this.
After looking at these pics, the game seems lackluster.
Oooh, Darnassus is pretty as always.
This is some really good stuff. It would certaintly making playing WoW way more interesting at night if these changes were made lol.

I for one would play my server at night more.
Love players like you.

Such a cool thing to do and share.

Amazing pics, thank you!
I will never cease to be amazed by these pictures.
I really wish this was how things really looked- it's stunning, and adds a whole new depth of immersion. I'd love to see this implemented as an option somehow.
beautiful, this would be a great addition to the game.
I can understand the need to keep it brighter at night for those late night players but it would definitely be interesting to have the option to switch between "night time" and night time. A future patch perhaps? Cool pics by the way. What tool is that?
The screenshots seem a bit too dark for me, I do agree though that the current state of night in the game is too bright, and definitely needs to be toned down.
orgrimmar one looked nice.

but when your farming day till' night, youll notice a big difference imo
Just add an option for it, it wouldnt be hard bliz.... cmon
nice pictures!

but it definitely reminded me of one of my most hated aspects of EQ.

when it was nighttime and raining, the game was practically unplayable... fortunately, the day/night cycles were much shorter than WoW.
Wow... I wasn't expecting such prettyness. The Grommash hold one looks amazing though..
01/11/2011 03:15 AMPosted by Shannon
Unfortunately, changing the lighting inside Silvermoon caused the game to crash

Yes, Candyland must never be made dark. It's an unwritten rule.
Seriously, the pics are great. I really hate that people don't find this exciting in the least. Day/Night changes, weather, even seasons...all this would only make the game better yet the boring folks just fight it all the way. It's a shame really.
bringing this thread back again just because i so so so long for such a thing to exist in wow. i want nights to be night.
12/05/2012 12:43 AMPosted by Darthwinky
bringing this thread back again just because i so so so long for such a thing to exist in wow. i want nights to be night.

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