What would Azeroth REALLY look like at night?

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I agree, the nights are too bright. However some people would probably not like the changes if Blizzard implemented them. An option to turn on "realistic night lighting" (like Elgin suggested) would be a really neat option. I doubt Blizzard would add an aesthetic feature like this mid expansion though. They would probably wait for a new launch like they did with water. Speaking of water, it needs waves (especially in the ocean) and it will be even better.
Very nice job on those pics!

I wish WoW was like Dark Age of Camelot - night time is actually night, and players had to use torches to see. But when you're in PVP, better turn off those Torches because enemies can see them too.
You may have said something like this:

-Some of the glow effects are too dark. The Charred Vale is too dark overall and the embers to not glow enough.
-The fire in Dire maul doesn't shine light onto the Orgres.

I'm all for a darker Azeroth, but just wanted to make a few comments on your pictures.
I dunno if this was said in here, but if you just simply adjust your monitors gamma and brightness settings, you can have a "darker" Azeroth at night... Which is pretty much all that is going on in these photos. The game by default plays at a high gamma setting anyways, which makes night feel more like a evening setting.

BTW Take some photos of inside Vortex Pinnacle at night, its hands down the best looking area in the game at night.

PS I adjust my settings all the time to make the game feel more ominus and dark. Its pretty fun.
I love this, I would level all my alts at night just for this. It looks amazing!
Well done, those nighttime edits are gorgeous!
01/11/2011 10:26 AMPosted by Bioshock
I dunno if this was said in here, but if you just simply adjust your monitors gamma and brightness settings, you can have a "darker" Azeroth at night... Which is pretty much all that is going on in these photos.

It's not actually a gamma adjustment. As I explained in the OP, I actually changed the color of the ambient and diffuse light to blacks and dark greys. I could make it neon green with bright purple highlights if I wanted to. You can't do that with a gamma adjustment. ;D

I'll try to think of some new and interesting places to take nighttime pictures for you all since you guys like them. :) These were all just places I happened to pass while I was bored doing Archaeology at 3 AM. Suggestions?

01/11/2011 10:21 AMPosted by Skylife
Some of the glow effects are too dark. The Charred Vale is too dark overall and the embers to not glow enough.

I do agree that the Charred Vale pic is a bit too dark, but it was a little more interesting a location than the others I took (HAY RANDOM CENTAUR CAMP LOL).
You forgot Moonlight. Azaroth has 2 moons (Though only one is currently in games due to graphics issues with a flimsy excuse the earth mother sent it away) which would make a bit brighter then it would be on earth with our single moon.
01/11/2011 3:17 AMPosted by Vaelkyri
I would actually prefer this- it wont happen but would be cool if night was.. night.

bit like morrowind/oblivion where ya had to carry torches in dungeons/nighttime unless it was a full moon :)

I would prefer this too.

All the off hand torch items could then actually provide light and be usefull.

And the gnomish engineering High Powered Flashlight could be redesigned so the light points forward rather than straight down on the player. That would be cool.
blizz needs to make nights as dark as those pics

places that would be scary that dark: silithus, duskwood, felwood, icecrown,

places that would look cool: SW, org, winterspring, storm peaks, westfall
I would definitely approve of a darker night time. I've long thought it would be nice if Blizzard had made night and day more like EverQuest, where you actually experience both rather than following real world server time.

I imagine 6 real hours of day and 6 real hours of night would work, making 2 game days/nights per real day.

That way you're likely to get to experience both night and day while playing.

I'd still be happy with just darker night time options, though even if they were darker, I imagine night elves would get some visibility boost. We're nocturnal, after all. Dwarves are likely accustomed to the dark. I imagine Forsaken would have better night vision. Etc, etc.

But then that would take us back towards Classic WoW where races were actually different beyond their appearances.
Doing pvp with names off in this kind of lighting would make doing so terrifying at night, especially against rogues.
Orgrimmar looks amazing.
01/11/2011 9:16 PMPosted by Beefsanger
There would be 20 pages of "OMG BLIZZ, nerf night!"

It is designed this way so you can see what is happening all the time. With dark lighting arrangements comes a responsibility to make sure over exposure of the player to the lighting arrangements doesn't begin to have an effect on them (Eyes, migraines etc)

It would complicate things dramatically for the developers to have to factor ergonomics and risk assessment into their zone designs. It's easier to just make sure the light is adequate all the time.

Couldn't you just have a feature to "enable nighttime darkness?".

I think they should make the days in-game shorter anyway, about as long as the days in Morrowind maybe.
01/11/2011 9:28 AMPosted by Fex
In addition to the more obvious reasoning behind having a brighter world (letting people see so they can perform well in combat, even at night), there is also a very clever psychological/biological reason for having bright nights in online games.

The human body is designed to react to transitions between light and darkness. For most people, a transition to darkness is an instinctive reminder to become tired. Others, like myself, have trained our bodies over the years to invert this response, yielding a nocturnal lifestyle (I worked the graveyard shift for 5 years throughout college). But even for those people, the inverse remains true: a sunrise or a sudden increase in daylight causes yawning, tiredness.

By keeping the game world at a relatively even level of brightness at all times, gamers are not exposed to dramatic environmental shifts between light and darkness. This helps us to "lose track of time," since there are no in-game cues to how long we've actually been playing. By replacing a realistic day cycle with a more subtle one, Blizzard can diminish our realization of how much time we're sinking into the game.

It's a very clever element of game design that has been used by plenty of other games before WoW.

Not only is this a good explanation of why the ambient light in the game is set to a normal, or average, it's also why there are no clocks or windows in the casinos of Las Vegas. Once you're in, it's always the same time, no matter how long you've been there.

If you give someone the mental cues that it's getting late, people will lose interest and go away. But, I digress...it would make the game a little more interesting with a night toggle.
I'm also in agreement.

Blizz, add an option to make this happen.

IF not, Someone make an Addon!
Absolutely gorgeous pictures.

And yes an option to do this would be amazing!

EDIT: Reported "Other" for a little dev, or at least forum master attention. Good stuff!
It reminds me of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Perfect. Blizzard might have to add fiery torches to the game as an off-hand item, maybe.

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