What would Azeroth REALLY look like at night?

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Perfect OP, just perfect
I would absolutely love it if this was implemented, or at least made as an option. Those night time pictures make WoW look extremely atmospheric, which would be really welcome on RP servers.
Couldn't you just have a feature to "enable nighttime darkness?".

I think they should make the days in-game shorter anyway, about as long as the days in Morrowind maybe.

I love these! Enable Nighttime button please!
OP what tool are you using for these effects?
orgrimar badass, it would be great to have night time, like needing to use torches in some places
I would like to see the stormwind entrance at night, escpecially with the glowing deathwing claw prints, that would be a good one. Try not to get ganked =p
01/11/2011 3:15 AMPosted by Shannon
The Charred Vale, Stonetalon

Wouldn't the lining of the lava be a lot brighter?
Frankly I hope this is the next thing Blizz does, a better lighting system would be awesome
We got "Advanced sun shafts" and "Greater liquid detail" I don't see why realistic night-lighting would be too far out of range if enough people asked (politely) for it.

Beautiful pictures, by the way. Thank you very much.
01/11/2011 3:20 AMPosted by Araverlyne
Yeah, many times I found myself wishing that night was actually not just a tad darker then day. There is so much ambience that night pretty much looks the same as day. You have to look up to see if its night or day

Be great if they lowered the night brightness a little bit more. But of course, I'm sure someone will find reason to complain about a change.

Also, what ever happened to the second moon?

That's no moon....
Thats looks super cool. If Blizzard made it to look like that i would love it. They NEED to have something like that.
Give us a graphics option to turn on "realistic lighting", methinks. Then we could play in this sort of darkness.

I definitely want a video option for this.
very cool looking!! If this were a game option, I would turn it on!
Personally, I think Blizzard, should make this a given, your pictures were AWESOME, i think so! =] BUT OFCOARSE, to make the game more playable, maybe have like some cool interesting Moons and planets in the sky, with Shooting stars and commets everywhere, and make it NOT THAT DARK, but AT LEAST a good amount darker from DAY, it would make PvP exciting and fun, u feel like ur ambushing or something, And the looks and effects would be outstanding. I Realling think Blizzard should consider some sort of artwork like this. i would be HANDS DOWN Thrilled to see something like this. (Darker, but not To the extent where its difficult to see anything around u.) =D

-Millionaire *Making the world go Round*
Oh, didnt read all the Comments, Making it an Option would be even more amazing, then people that do or dont like it can set that up! =D Would be really exciting!

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