What would Azeroth REALLY look like at night?

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Artistically speaking, yes I would love to look at the world in the true darkness of night. But to play the game? Not so much. Lord of the Rings online had a pretty noticeable difference between night and day, and for some reason their days and nights only last an hour each, so in one game session you'd see it get light and dark several times. And that actually got really really really really really annoying after a while. And the darkness itself started getting really old. You couldn't see anything! I realize that's the point of "night", but I hated it. I'd walk right into trees, monsters, off cliffs, get lost, miss quest items laying around... every time night rolled along I instantly shot my monitor's brightness way up so I could SEE. It was a beautiful world to look at in the dark, but I hated playing in it. Maybe it'd be cool if there was an option to turn night/day effects off, like being able to turn off the weather effects.
Nice job on the shots. While I think dark is really cool, Blizzard's dark creepy series, Diablo isn't dark anymore, so I guess these shots are probably as close as we'll ever get.
I think it would be awesome to play the game like this, except just a tad lighter so you can see SOME stuff. That or make us use torches. Games that use torches...awesome.
01/12/2011 8:37 AMPosted by Me
Are there actually "nights" in this game? I have to admit that I've never noticed. How long has it been that way? The transition must be almost non-existant.

Around 9pm server time (on Stormrage at least) the sky will turn a twilight orange and around 10pm it goes "dark" and the moon will be out. Then around 5 or 6am it will start getting light again.
Bumping this awesome idea.
WTB Blue to take a look.
01/11/2011 3:15 AMPosted by Shannon

New Desktop Background. Cool stuff!!!
Rebumping it. :S
Hey, I thought interest had died off in this thread, I'm so happy you all liked it!

I'll try to get out there tonight and take some of some of the other major cities at least. :D
Makes me wish you could mod WoW to the extent that you can Mod Bethesda games.
You must let me know what program you used.
01/11/2011 9:44 AMPosted by Tuah
I would use an addon that does this. And it'd be my favorite addon of all.

Quoted for so much truth.
Add me to the list of people who would use a "Night" addon. Dalaran at true night would be awesome!
Do want!
There was a thread about this type of thing a few days ago.

Of course people would cry about it if it was created, EVEN IF it was a toggled option in video settings. You know it to be true.

General goods vendors could sell torches, engineers could create floodlights... but yeah, people will find a way to cry about it and ruin it.

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