What would Azeroth REALLY look like at night?

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there is a night time its just at rlly late at night
there is a night its just rlly late at night like 11:00 im guessing?
01/14/2011 12:58 PMPosted by Yugoslavia
There was a thread about this type of thing a few days ago.

Of course people would cry about it if it was created, EVEN IF it was a toggled option in video settings. You know it to be true.

General goods vendors could sell torches, engineers could create floodlights... but yeah, people will find a way to cry about it and ruin it.

no they wouldn't
01/11/2011 9:42 AMPosted by Myxii
Reminds me of the dark nights in Everquest...

I miss running scared through Kith Forest at night lol

You are brave soul for running through kith at night
very cool :p feels more...dangerous

would love night time implemented, with things like certain monsters coming out at certain times (nothing besides aesthetics though I'd say, as some people on play during one or the other)
Those pictures really do look cool. Yes, please do some for the Alliance cities. Maybe Dalaran also?

One reason for not having it like this in-game, aside from playability, is-- I'd get awful tired of playing in a dark world most of the time I'm in game. People tend to play in the evenings (mid-week anyway). It would get old FAST.

Of course, if it were an option, that would take care of that problem.

But again-- beautifully done pictures.
01/11/2011 9:50 AMPosted by Chiaki
I would use an addon that does this. And it'd be my favorite addon of all.

This. Definitely this.

01/11/2011 3:18 AMPosted by Guldi
Reminds me of the dark nights in Everquest...

Was about to say lol

Let us direct you to playing a barbarian in everquest.
Sorry for the delay; I decided to just go ahead and level an alliance character out of the newbie zone in order to have more time to take good shots of SW/Darn (not bothering with IF, Exo, or UC since they're indoors and fully artificially lit). It took longer than I thought, especially with Minecraft calling my name.

Adding these to the OP in a moment after this....

Thunder Bluff wasn't very visually interesting. There are a lot of PLACES for fires, but very few are lit. This was the best I could do: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a31/ayajulia/WoWScrnShot_011411_120818.jpg

Darnassus was a treat. I allowed them a little more light given their connection with the moon: http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a31/ayajulia/?action=view&current=WoWScrnShot_011411_144436.jpg

Stormwind Keep, it turns out, is lit up like you wouldn't believe at night: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a31/ayajulia/WoWScrnShot_011411_145504.jpg

So for a more interesting picture, I also decided to take one of the molten scars Deathwing left behind: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a31/ayajulia/WoWScrnShot_011411_145837.jpg

On my way to Silvermoon City, I found out the Ghostlands was much more than the boring "forest #3822" than I thought it was--really kind of blew me away: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a31/ayajulia/WoWScrnShot_011411_151109.jpg

Unfortunately, changing the lighting inside Silvermoon caused the game to crash, so I grabbed this one outside the gates: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a31/ayajulia/WoWScrnShot_011411_152534.jpg

And decided to go try to get one of the Sunwell instead since Blood Elves are all about "the eternal sun" and seeing Eversong at night was very weird to me. But changing the lighting at the Sunwell also caused crashing. ~.~; But I thought this was halfway cool on my way up there: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a31/ayajulia/WoWScrnShot_011411_152638.jpg
And to respond to a couple of things:

01/14/2011 1:01 PMPosted by Mizzle
there is a night its just rlly late at night like 11:00 im guessing?

Yes, but it's not very different from day. At that really changes is the skybox (you might be able to see a few stars, and it gets somewhat darker) and the music.

Reminds me of the dark nights in Everquest...

Was about to say lol

Let us direct you to playing a barbarian in everquest.

I didn't get into MMORPGs until about 2004, at which point I spent a few years playing FFXI before coming straight here to WoW. I didn't get into EQ during its heyday, and going back for it now seems like a waste of money. I did play LotRO, which someone else in here mentioned, and I agree that actually PLAYING like this was a little annoying. :)

To all those asking about what program it is--I'm confident that if you googled "machinima tool" it might just be the top result. :)
I love this! How brilliant! I always thought that night time lighting was poorly done. Obviously game play suffers if it's too dark (like your more realistic screen shots), but it could be a lot better. It's time to let that ambient lighting show, Blizzard!

Unfortunately, I doubt they're going to spend any time on this.
01/11/2011 9:33 PMPosted by Verdant
In addition to the more obvious reasoning behind having a brighter world (letting people see so they can perform well in combat, even at night), there is also a very clever psychological/biological reason for having bright nights in online games.

The human body is designed to react to transitions between light and darkness. For most people, a transition to darkness is an instinctive reminder to become tired. Others, like myself, have trained our bodies over the years to invert this response, yielding a nocturnal lifestyle (I worked the graveyard shift for 5 years throughout college). But even for those people, the inverse remains true: a sunrise or a sudden increase in daylight causes yawning, tiredness.

By keeping the game world at a relatively even level of brightness at all times, gamers are not exposed to dramatic environmental shifts between light and darkness. This helps us to "lose track of time," since there are no in-game cues to how long we've actually been playing. By replacing a realistic day cycle with a more subtle one, Blizzard can diminish our realization of how much time we're sinking into the game.

It's a very clever element of game design that has been used by plenty of other games before WoW.

Not only is this a good explanation of why the ambient light in the game is set to a normal, or average, it's also why there are no clocks or windows in the casinos of Las Vegas. Once you're in, it's always the same time, no matter how long you've been there.

If you give someone the mental cues that it's getting late, people will lose interest and go away. But, I digress...it would make the game a little more interesting with a night toggle.

Interesting, but Blizzard makes more money if we stay offline and keep paying the fees. It's not really like a casino.
If an option in video settings was added for darker nights, I would be so happy.
01/12/2011 4:01 PMPosted by Yasnah
Artistically speaking, yes I would love to look at the world in the true darkness of night. But to play the game? Not so much. Lord of the Rings online had a pretty noticeable difference between night and day, and for some reason their days and nights only last an hour each, so in one game session you'd see it get light and dark several times. And that actually got really really really really really annoying after a while. And the darkness itself started getting really old. You couldn't see anything! I realize that's the point of "night", but I hated it. I'd walk right into trees, monsters, off cliffs, get lost, miss quest items laying around... every time night rolled along I instantly shot my monitor's brightness way up so I could SEE. It was a beautiful world to look at in the dark, but I hated playing in it. Maybe it'd be cool if there was an option to turn night/day effects off, like being able to turn off the weather effects.

I'm going to have to agree. Questing in this would be a chore, unless these "torches" lit up the area a fair distance around the character. It would be nice to look at, though.

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