What would Azeroth REALLY look like at night?

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Those are really great pics. I totally approve of this. Make it happen blizzard.
01/13/2011 1:39 PMPosted by Garuko

New Desktop Background. Cool stuff!!!

Yup, I agree. Orgrimmar looks VERY awesome in that pic.
Wow this looks soooooooooo good... If only they implemented this oh well. T_T, at least give us the option to dim down our nights to be more realistic for the cool atmosphere effect =(
Option for this would be great! PLEASE?
01/14/2011 5:42 PMPosted by Nemirov
Turn the brightness and contrast down on your monitor. Problem solved. As for me, I am working overseas on a military base and I can only play when it's night in the states and day for me, so no, I do not want constant night time blackness when I play. Thanks though. End of subject.

Whole lot of angry in this post. I don't think anyone wants this to be the new norm or standard, just an option at most and a "hey look at these neat pictures that present the world in a way we aren't used to" at least.
Really love the new photos you added, Shannon. Thanks much for doing that. I have a few new desktops now, that's for sure.

I wouldn't call someone out for saying they wouldn't want to play that way. And calling someone "angry", as if that invalidates their point, is getting old fast. The point you made was valid, and didn't need an attempt to dismiss what someone else said via an appeal to (or against) emotion.

Hey, we're all entitled to our opinion. :) I wasn't appealing to (or against) emotion, but rather pointing out that it was unnecessary to begin with because no one is trying to force anyone to play in any way they don't want to. Calm! Peace! Love! Warcraft! :D That's all I want.
These pics are pretty awesome. The Orgrimmar one specifically looks great.
Real night effects would make world pvp epic!
This is actually really awesome
I want this tool, where do you get this tool?
01/14/2011 7:02 PMPosted by Staticharge
I want this tool, where do you get this tool?

Dude, s/he all but posted a link in one of her posts. Check a few pages back.

Those pics are hot, Shannon. Thanks for doing this! I may have to try it out myself...
I made a thread like this on old forum back then, Could't find it but here the Azeroth in Night video, feel free to put it in OP.

Edit, found those pic:
Well done! I loved the org one, loooks really cool. As others ahve said i would love for them to make that change, but someone will complain. Playing when its night has always got that "scared " feeling to it, so it would be fun playing a rogue. Is there an addon for that?
Oh wow... Those are just beautiful. Now I'm wondering how much different all the other areas would be at night. Like the undercity, brill, silverpine. Heck Moonglade and Felwood might just look awesome at night.

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