What would Azeroth REALLY look like at night?

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01/14/2011 9:29 PMPosted by Ðraikuuri
Any of Northrend? Dal, Grizzly Hills, Howling Fjord, Argent Tournament I think would be cool.

I thought of that too--unfortunately my game crashed loading into Northrend with altered lighting. I'll try again sometime.

01/14/2011 8:16 PMPosted by Ihealforfree
Is there an addon for that?

Sorry, no; I don't believe addons can manipulate these parts of the API, which honestly makes me question the legality of the whole thing, haha! :)
01/11/2011 3:17 AMPosted by Vaelkyri
I would actually prefer this- it wont happen but would be cool if night was.. night.

bit like morrowind/oblivion where ya had to carry torches in dungeons/nighttime unless it was a full moon :)

I quoted you not just because I agree but you referenced Elder Scrolls. The use of dynamic lighting and shadows in WoW would be awesome for immersion and could even make a Boss encounter more interesting. Sadly I don't think the dated engine WoW uses could do this.
I'd love an add-on for this, but I don't think it's gonna happen. They're just not capable of it. The option would be nice, though.

And, ambient lighting is actually available in game coming off of a lot of objects. If you fly up to the claw marks in stormwind, you can see an orange glow on your character. There's a few spots in Ironforge that are really dark (and one spot that's devoid of light entirely).

The only issue is that the world lighting drowns everything out to where it has no affect on your character or the terrain at all, even during night.
I wish nighttime was much darker than it is. I've said this since Day 1.
01/11/2011 9:20 PMPosted by Babi

Couldn't you just have a feature to "enable nighttime darkness?".

A pipe dream, but it'd be so great. =)

Thumbs up to OP for this, cool screenshots! I support dark nights.
I would love an option to enable this realistic lightning stuff. Those pictures were A W E S O M E ! ! !! ! ! !! Wish you could have an addon or somethin that did this for you.
Did we ever find out what happened to the second moon?
Checked out your other pictures

you in the military?
01/11/2011 9:42 AMPosted by Myxii
Reminds me of the dark nights in Everquest...

I miss running scared through Kith Forest at night lol

Damn that zone scared the crap out of me. Running from High Hold Pass to W. Commonlands and not paying attention to what time it was.

This is just too cool. Why would this be reported?

Awesome job!
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omg orgrimmar looks amazing at night I wish they would implement that
Wow, those shots look great. It would be amazing if they added an option to switch between the existing night light levels and something like this.
It get's dark in WoW? O.o Great now I have to go play EQ because im sad there's no night time.
I don't think having 8-12 hours of darkness would work. But if the day/night cycle was shortened like people wanted before beta, it would definitely add some nice depth. Mix in with weather effects would even take it another step further.

I could see perhaps this happening for outland some time in the future. It needs a redo and what better thing than shorting the day/night cycle. It is a floating asteroid anyways.
01/11/2011 10:18 AMPosted by Gryndolf
Very nice job on those pics!

I wish WoW was like Dark Age of Camelot - night time is actually night, and players had to use torches to see. But when you're in PVP, better turn off those Torches because enemies can see them too.

Haha! Wow, you brought back a great memory! Yep, I used to love the transitions between day and night in DAoC. And, how we used to have to turn torches off in PVP (And, off topic, but I remember we had to take our cloaks off to cut down the lag when doing relic raids!). Awesome memories. What an awesome game DAoC used to be back in the day...

Back on topic... I would love to see this in WoW. Even if we were able to choose between 'realistic lighting' in our options... Would be so cool...

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