Why do we play WoW?

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I'm going to give you my reason.. That feeling of character progression.

Getting better and moving towards a goal and that can be a lot of things professions, smites mighty hammer, and even farming up that special schematic for engineering.

I feel like leveling has lost a lot of that feeling of progression besides looking at the top right of your screen and watching the levels go by.

I doubt I am the only one that feels this way so I have some ideas that I want to propose.

Bonus Objectives were a nice touch to Warlords of Draenor while out in the world questing and I'd like to see bonus quest objectives in the world of Azeroth and Outlands.

More reputations while leveling.. Having a purpose while leveling is a good feeling and it'd be great to see like the Church of the Holy Light, Kul Tiras, the Kor'Kron, and even more Neutral factions and rewards would be an awesome thing to work torwards that even unlock things as simple as mounts and pets.

Fix the low level crafting. Currently even when you are leveling with out bind of accounts it is very hard to make craftable gear you can use so I propose making it easier to make this gear a long with it granting more skill points per piece of armor made while also being able to make new items for your character while leveling.

I hope you all enjoyed this thread.
I'm addicted, I have been for many many years. I don't even enjoy it and i try to quit, But my addiction keeps pulling me back. This game stoped being fun for me after wrath, yet here I am for some reason.
To ask why we play WoW is to ask why leaves fall.

<Cut scene of Twitch Video feed both horde and Alliance>

It is in our nature.

Perhaps, there is a better question...

<Cut Scene of Blizzcon>

Why do we play WoW?

To play with friends and family.

To perserve our mental balance and keep us in harmony.

For my kind, the true question is if Wow's worth paying for

<Sniffs cherry blossom in the winds>
It's relaxing for me.
It's relaxing and decompressing for me. I put on music or an audio book and mindlessly do quests/dungeons. I also <3 playing Barbie dress up with my characters (hair, transmog.) I love getting mounts and pets because I love animals but I can't have any pets in my condo. :(
I have health issues and end up housebound a good bit. I'd go nuts if all I could do is sit and watch TV or whatever, WOW gives me something to focus on, an escape and some mental stimulation to pass the time. I've played it for alot of years, have alot invested in it etc.
It's usually a fun waste of time...
i play wow because i don't have anything else to do :\

My life sux and other MMO's cant keep me interested for long

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