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Grievance is recruiting for our Horde guild on Thrall.


Ever buy a game (or download a free to play MMO) and sit there waiting to choose a server, hoping you choose a good one with good people that are helpful, and not just jerks that flame you when you ask a question? Ever hate joining a guild because you know no one? Ever hop from guild to guild trying to find one that suits you and your play style? Have you ever quit a game that you liked, but could never get help from guildies, or even find a guild that you liked? Well, I am here to tell you there is an answer. Grievance is here to have fun with you, to raid with you if you wish, and to explore and enjoy your game with you.

Grievance is an online gaming community that spans many games.

Grievance is a family-oriented online gaming community. We have a very rich and honorable heritage that spans many games over many years, during which Grievance has proven that one can have a very rewarding gaming experience, yet have a life as well. The concepts of family, honor, and loyalty are hallmarks of Grievance, and are expected to be upheld and respected by all members.

Grievance is an adult gaming community, 18+ only. We have many long term members. This is no start-up guild! We were formed in October 15, 2000. We were not always known as Grievance, but the membership has been strong and growing! We are one of the few trademarked guilds in all gaming communities. We are comprised of singles, married couples, retired people, military members, college students, and people located through out the US and other nations.

When you join Grievance, you join a family. This family spans many games, and even on opposite sides of the same game. Grievance is always a strong presence in games they are in. Grievance even has a real life get together, like a family reunion. We have this every year. We have a strong management support for each game, not same leaders in every game at one time.

We at Grievance are always looking to expand as anyone would expect. The larger the Grievance community the better it is. Wouldn't it be nice to start a game at launch, and have a lot of Grievance members log in with you, on the same server and same side? Imagine the friendships you will make with such a strong gaming community.

If Grievance seems like the place for you, please feel free to visit our forums, as they are free to register and browse. Come see what games we are in and the servers we reside on. There is always an officer of a certain game or a council member willing to answer any questions. We hope you will come take a look, and introduce yourself in the Forum Registration/Applications Forum. Let us know a bit about yourself and what games you are interested or currently playing in. Hope to see you there.

The Official Grievance YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AELQw6XsLIU
The Official Grievance Twitch.tv Channel http://www.twitch.tv/grievance

Grievance can be found playing the following games:

Official Grievance Guilds:
Black Desert Online
Blade & Soul
Elder Scrolls Online
Everquest II
Final Fantasy XIV
Neverwinter - Dragon Server
Rift - Wolfsbane Server
World of Warcraft (Horde-Thrall / Alliance-Proudmoore)

Embassies (smaller Grievance Guilds):
GuildWars 2
Lord of the Rings Online
Neverwinter - Dragon Server
Star Citizen
SWTOR (Both Factions: Jedi Covenant)

Team Grievance (Grievance FPS/PvP Clans)
League of Legends
Lord of The Rings Online
World of Tanks

MOBA Gaming:
Heroes of the Storm
League of Legends

(And many other smaller and Independent MMO’s)

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us in game or on our forums.

Kai, Guild Master, World of Warcraft, Horde (Thrall-US)
Steelheart, Progenitor

Hello fellow Gamers!

I have been a member of Grievance for a little over 3 years and it has been the best three years of my gaming life!

If you are looking for a guild that treats you like family and actually cares about you beyond your toon on the screen then you need to come and see what Grievance is all about. We are not just a guild. We are a family. Once you are in Grievance you have a place to go no matter what game you play as you can see by our list of games that we are active and semi active in. No more searching no matter where you go!

If you are curious to see what we are like before joining go check out our twitch channel. You can see a lot of our members playing various games and check out our news programs.

Come and check us out...it may very well be the last guild you will ever call home!
How ya do'in,

A troll knows when a guild is the right place to be. Grievance stays away from da VooDoo.

Be cool mon,
I'm with Shiera... I joined over 2 years ago, and I had no idea what Grievance was all about then, I just knew my other guilds were starting to crumble and break off, due to players either playing other stuff (DA2, SWTOR, whatever the game of the week was) or would have personal life or computer problems... You would never know whether we had enough to raid or not. Eventually, all my other guilds stopped raiding and, having 2 kids and a life, I knew I wasn't going to be happy doing anything hard core, but I wanted to raid... I liked being social and helping out and wanted to feel ok about asking for help sometimes... so I had a real problem.

I took a chance two years ago. It TOTALLY paid off! I joined Grievance! We have over 300 accounts, over 800 characters, and we raid Normals about two days a week. How does this all happen?

1. We fill our roster with kind, competent, easygoing, funny, dedicated individuals.

2. We never get on anyone's case for taking a break, taking out a dog, helping a sick child, getting called in to work, having a life, basically!

3. Everyone is expected in our raids to follow raider-type rules of gearing, gems/chants/flask/food... we focus in the time in which we have to raid.

4. We have great communication whether in game chat, on TeamSpeak (please look at our forum if you want to see a snapshot of who's gaming right now!), and we have great forums and use Tapatalk so we can stay in touch on the road and on the go.

5. We are over 18, we allow no bullcrap politics, bullying, no ranting or drama, we support PG-13 on our TeamSpeak by default with Mature TeamSpeak for raids and PvP, It's all common sense, nothing special about that.

6. The officers have a combined over forty or more years' experience in World of Warcraft, and some of us raided in Vanilla. We care. We also work hard and play hard.

7. Fairness, common sense, loyalty, honor... we care about doing right.

We know you have many options in joining a guild, so if you think Grievance is right for you, don't hesitate to paste this in your browser:


and create a user account and check out the New Applicants threads. Or you can just hit me up at pia#1417 and I'll help you get started.

If you think you are a little interested, you owe it to Future You to have a look. Thanks for reading!
How ya do'in,

Grievance is da guild for all tha members of tha Horde. If ya looking for a place ta be, this be it.


Be cool Mon,
I am
Hello Thrall,

The WoW Horde side of Grievance are looking for some new members to fill there ranks. We are a very big multi gaming guild that has so much to offer.

Grievance is always looking for new recruits to come and have some fun with what we have going on. We are always trying to run lots of different things every day of the week because we like to do things as a T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More). So if you enjoy a good place to call home, active chatting in game as well as on our 500 person TeamSpeak. Then look no further than here with us.

We are a big multi gaming guild that plays many big tittle games. Come check out grievancegaming.org. Minimum age requirement of 18, register and apply for the game of your choice.

Elder Scrolls Online
EverQuest II,
Final Fantasy XIV
Star Wars The Old Republic,

As well as we have smaller guilds such as

PlanetSide 2,
World of Tanks
World of Warships

as well as some Embassies
Dragon's Prophet,
EVE Online
EverQuest Next,
Guild Wars 2,
Lord of The Rings Online
Marvel Heroes,
Star Citizen,
Star Trek Online
The Repopulation,
The Secret World,

Current raid progression:
We are currently working our way through Normal Hellfire Citadel with 5/13 down.

Tues: 9:00pm to 11:00pm EST
Thur: 8:00pm to 11:00 pm EST

Come check us out and look around our website. If you like what you see sign up. http://www.grievancegaming.org/

You can always do a /who Grievance to look to see whos online and ask more questions.

Yours Truly,
WoW Alliance Guild Leader for Grievance.
07/14/2015 01:17 AMPosted by Yahkob
I am

Hey there! Come and check out our website and if you have more questions just look for any Grievance member in game. We will be happy to answer them for you!
<3 Catacritters! <3

Thank you for giving our thread some bumpy love! :D
I joined almost a year ago and have loved every minute of my time with Grievance. Great people, having a great time in many games. Do yourself a favor and check them out!
Hi and well met!

I encourage you to read some of the previous posts in this thread. They reflect our family nature, our no drama atmosphere and our wonderful balance between being casual yet serious when we raid. There is no requirement to raid to be with us, however if you do wish to, you can expect a great experience. We have experienced leaders, and we treat folks with respect. We spend time with folks to help them improve their raid performance and toon.

We also do fun events and have off nights. We are part of a multi-gaming organization that offers so much! There's other games you can play with friends within Grievance, there's streams on Twitch, blogs, and the chance to be part of it all.

Please visit www.grievancegaming.org to check us out. If you have questions, you can PM me there. My forum name is Skye. I hope to see you soon!

Charter Member and WoW-A Executive Officer
Grievance is a guild looking for awesome new adult players over 18, interested in making friends with us on World of Warcraft, whether a casual raider or a former hardcore raider with little time to spend, we do it all.

You don't have to be a hard core raider and put up with all that nonsense to get into a raiding guild that does progress. We have the numbers to support your playstyle if you work late, have a child, going to school, in the military, etc. We do the raids and enjoy the time we spend together.

Raiding is going pretty awesome for Grievance on Thrall. We are currently 4/14 for Hellfire Citadel, with 2 nights a week or more, and our members are gearing up with some set pieces already. We are casual but we are serious and focused for our raid times. We would love to have some new friends and faces to raid with, and hope you check out our forums where you may apply on www.grievancegaming.org.

We do have openings for quite a few different slots, but prefer dual specced individuals or those with flexibility, as we maintain a roster of between 12 and 18 raiders per night.

The guild has a lot to offer. We do a lot of group stuff and make sure invites go out and usually have alts to group with you as you level. We have been achieving various guild runs and mount runs. Currently, we have worked through many old content for fun (including Ulduar and ICC and Dragon Soul, Glory of the Cata raider mount, Glory of the Mists dungeon Hero) and we're polishing off the Reins of Galakras for the Glory of the Siege of Orgrimmar Raider when we just want to chillax with friends with a few drinks and have fun.

We have a vast, even enormous pool of members on game at any time. We currently have 400 slots on TeamSpeak and we stream on Twitch.tv nightly, have many news shows and reviews, and love to circulate around and check out other games and channels.

Before I joined, I never knew a guild could be this awesome, supporting individual progress, as well as providing a social ambiance to get to know people. I have made many friends as well as enjoyed content and weekly raiding since joining.

Come talk to me at pia#1417 and I'll help walk you through the process to start playing with us.
The folks in Grievance are some of the best people I have met in any MMO and they have always made me feel at home.
Mauvex, that's sweet. Thanks.

It's been a jam packed week! We've done 3 nights of raids in Hellfire Citadel and a 4th Fun Run through Siege of Orgrimmar this week, netting 5 individuals their Reins of Galakras mounts. Grab a cold one, headset, and come join us!

We do kill groups in Tanaan Jungle almost nightly and have tons of people in the TeamSpeak channel, love getting to know friends through gaming.

If you want to join us, please create an account over at www.grievancegaming.org and contact me @pia#1417 in game or just do a /who Grievance on Thrall and ask for help. We are an 18+ no drama no B.S. guild, we love players with rich and diverse real lives (military, students, professionals, parents) and we have people almost always on to play with.


Horde Co-Recruitment Officer
New boss down over in Hellfire Citadel last week, and we're working together every day over in Tanaan Jungle to get reps knocked out and Pathfinder achievements done.

This week, a bunch of us are working on a Throne of Thunder achievement mount run for Armored Skywing.

Come check it out if you're looking for some active, casual raiders or whatever spectrum of fun you're looking for (most who have been or still kind of are hardcore but just don't have the time/bandwidth anymore), all over 18, extremely populated and funloving with over 30 years' experience (or more) from the officer core.

Check out www.grievancegaming.org and join the forum to start or message me at pia#1417.
Grievance is a bunch of great people! Come and say hi!
Hi guys, I registered on your guild site. I have toons on Proudmoore alliance and Thrall horde side and indicated I would like to app to each. and further indicated that I would like Shiftkin from each server to join.

As I am currently making an effort to return and spend the majority of my time on Thrall I have decided to just delete my Thrall Druid, and move my Alliance Druid over, as my alliance Druid is the one I have played the most, and have the most time and effort into. I can't indicate this on the forum just yet as I am still waiting for registration. I just wanted to make this note.

I have multiple lvl 100's on Proudmoore but am looking to move back to thrall. If my app is accepted I would like to explain this further as it would be easier to speak it then type it lol.

Anyway Thanks in advance,
Good times to be had by all, we even have cookies!

Seriously a good group to kill things with.
hmm... I've seen a couple of in game trade messages over the months, but thought nothing of it...

however, I'm so glad I came to the forums! :)

You tell a much better story of Grievance. One that seems to fit me almost perfectly. I have a couple of Characters now, but my co main is Alliance Lock.

Leaf is quickly becoming my favorite to play that I would consider her my "Horde main" and would like to find her a home.

Grievance seems like a great home for her!

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