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Bug Report
Hey so I experienced a bug while leveling an alt today in Spires of Arak where I was completing the bonus objective "Bloodmane Pridelands" where upon releasing one of the Ravenspeakers my character immediately started swimming at a very high speed under the map which came to an end at the harbor of Shattrah City in Talador. I've linked an imgur album of the screenshots I got of it. I was able to cast instant spells but was unable to freely move at all.

update; this isn't just a one off or a single mob triggering this bug it's recurring no matter how many times I go back.
aye, same here went back and it happened again , just take off swimming thru the air as soon as the cast to free a Ravenspeaker is done.
Same here - I figured it was a one-of as well; it's pretty frustrating not being able to do the bonus objective. I assume it has something to do with Khadgar teleporting us off of the boat in the Shattrath questline, since that appears to be where my characters ends up flying to every time.

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