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Well I am a Hunter looking for a permanent home. Recently came back to WoW after a break. I have been a long term player and have completed many of the achievements. Recently I find myself going back through and redoing some of the older content getting achievements I did on my old account. Reason for the new account was I wanted a fresh start and a new outlook and to help me get focused back on the game. I did this around the time MoP came out and so far it has helped. My break was due to real life taking over and being a pain in the rear.

Though I am back and looking to get into WoD Raiding. A bit about my raid history:
I have done the following during current content:
Ulduar,Maly,Naxx,ToC,OS,ICC,BoT, BWD,DS,Firelands, SoO (AOTC for Garrosh) and many other raids that I can not remember names to or just to many to list.
I have done it all from tanking to healing and find my self more at home on my Hunter. Hunter like many was my first in WoW but one that always took the back burner. Now I have decided to play the game for the game and enjoy the content and do it with something I enjoy and that is my hunter. The collecting of pets to just doing old content and farming just makes it a joy for me.

What I am looking for is a core spot, I do not pay to play to sit on a bench and not do content. Raid Times I am pretty flexible on though I do not want to start later then 10pm server. Raid Days preferable Tuesday and Wendsday and Thursday but open to others as well. Currently Ilvl 673 and farming like mad to get an upgraded weapon and trinket.
In the last week I have gone from 650 to where I am now and I see no issues going further. I will be off the first stage of my ring quest in the next week or so depending on if I get lucky.
What I can bring to the guild:
Weekly old content run for mounts/achieves. Dedicated ready to raid self sustaining raider. Always on time always let people know if I am gonna miss for one reason or another (generally because I rolled my jeep on the weekends and spent the night in the hospital or two or three has happened in the past!) Postivie attitude..wipes happen for a reason to learn from and are not the end of the world. Just all around pretty positive and enjoy the game for what it is.
Want to chat hit me up in game.

Hey Makatza!

Grievance is always looking for new members and exceptional DPS to fill out our raid roster.

Here's the low-down on who we are:

We are always trying to run lots of different things every day of the week because we like to do things as a T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More). So if you enjoy a good place to call home, active chatting in game as well as on our 500 person TeamSpeak. Then look no further than here with us.

We are always looking for new members for gaming with us but as for raiding we are looking for the following.

Progression raid times (8/13):
Tuesday - 6PM Server - 8PM Server (Hellfire Citadel - Normal ilvl 675)
Friday - 6PM Server - 9PM Server (Hellfire Citadel - Normal ilvl 675)
Saturday - 6PM Server - 9PM Server (Hellfire Citadel - Normal ilvl 675)

Alt/Other Raids times:
Thursday - 6PM Server - 8PM Server (Old School Raids)

Come check us out and look around our website. If you like what you see sign up. http://www.grievancegaming.org/

You can always do a /who Grievance to look to see whos online and ask more questions.
Still looking and farming for those last few pieces to hit 680!
So close!

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