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I have a macro on my Shaman recommended to me by a friend for casting both Wind Shear and Purge.
It is "/stopcasting
/cast Purge
/cast Wind Shear"
I enjoy this a lot, however I dislike wasting a cooldown of Wind Shear if they aren't casting. Is there any command that will only let Wind Shear be cast if the enemy I'm targeting is casting a spell?
Thank you!
No. This is outside the scope of what macros and addons are intended to do.

You are expected to make decisions about when to purge a buff, when to interrupt a spell, etc, without an addon or macro providing any sort of stopgap.

See the macros sticky at the top of this forum for more information.
All right! I will check it out, thank you!
or change the /cast purge /cast wind shear to something like
/cast [mod:shift]purge;windshear

sorry if the formatting is off, i'd normally bind wind shear and purge to different buttons myself
/cast [mod:shift] Purge; [nomod] Windshear

this will make a button where windshear will be your first avaiable spell.... if you press shift it will become Purge.

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