Ashran Dominance

Bug Report
Not getting credit towards the quest Ashran Dominance upon winning events. Completed AoA and Molten Quarry and received no credit. Thanks for the disappointment!
I am not getting credit for compleating the Ashran Dominance nor am i getting artifact fragments, After making us play the way you want us to play you would think that you would have your ducks in a row. But no we still continue to pay for this CRAP that your company so clumseley throw together, Have you ever wondered why you are not at the numbers your where 4 years ago? I dont have time to sit here and play the game with no reward.I may soon quit this game and return to the real world
thanks for accepting my money on the crap you have been putting out
I just had this bug happen to me. I accepted the quest as I came into Ashran and then was immediately ported out and asked to wait in the Queue. When the queue popped we killed Tremblade and I got credit. But I did not get credit for the next 2 event wins.

Ashran is already a chore that almost nobody likes. Please fix the quest so that the Ashran experience isn't that much worse.
win 2 separate event and did not get credit at all
I have abandoned and picked up the "old" quest like my last ticket told me to...still broken, I should have 3 times the conquest if it would let me complete the quest.
Same thing for me. No credit on 3 events but did for Vol. Abandoned and tried again and still not getting any events credit. Some kind of reply would be awesome.
This has been going on for about two weeks now for me, with several occurrences. Sometimes I have been able to leave Ashran for about 15 seconds and then go back in, and the next event I win will count. It hasn't worked every time though. Ashran is bad enough as it is, we don't need this crap. This seriously needs to be fixed NOW.
Same here, just "won" 6 events in a row and got zero credit towards this quest. This was the 3rd time since reset that I've attempted to complete this quest. Each time it gives zero credit and wastes my time both in queue and in zone. Ashran is bad enough as it is, this just makes it that much worse. We need a blue post!
07/22/2015 05:24 AMPosted by Tødesengel
We need a blue post!

You've already had one. They said they are working on it.

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