Highest Rogue PvE dps?

Question guys, what spec is the one doing more dps out there at the moment?, I keep seeing Assa cause of the 30% buff but then other sites say Combat. I just wanted to see what do you all think?
It's going to depend on the fight and your level of gear. You can literally have Assassination, Sub, or Combat be the best go to spec in Hellfire Citadel on a fight by fight basis.
For an AoE/Cleave fight like Assault or Xhul'horac combat will perform the best, where on a fight like Fel Lord or Iron Reaver assassination/sub is the way to go. Currently Subtlety performs the highest single target but assassination isn't super far behind. Sub also suffers from target swapping on certain fights, but with a little practice you can learn to play around this. Gear is also a major factor. If you have BRF gear and no class trinket, assassination is pretty weak. With HFC 4pc and Archimonde trinket it becomes closer to subtlety but not above.
Also, consider the fact that subtlety packs a highly complicated rotation, as opposed to assassination. Since they're close in damage, some players will prefer assassination due to the simpler playstyle associated with it.
Awesome, thanks a lot for the info guys

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