Continental Types is recruiting!

Continental Types is a "moderate" guild on Proudmoore, and we are looking to recruit for new content. With the Summer here and people getting bored of the game, our Core Raiding roster has slowly dwindled down, and now we are looking to bolster our ranks again! Right now we are in need of Healers, and Ranged DPS, but are welcoming all applications as well, (even fresh 100s!).

We are looking for players who have positive and mature attitudes, are intelligent and prepared, are motivated to complete the current content, and who can commit to our raid schedule consistently or can communicate when they cannot.

The classes we are the most interested in are:
Resto Druid (OS Tank),
Ret Pally (OS Tank),

We raid Tues-Thurs, 6:30PM - 9PM PST, with Thursday being "Optional". We are currently 10/13N, and 1/13H, however, we are looking to progress further into Heroics in the coming weeks.

Continental Types was created by Absofacto & Marcail (whom have raided end-game content since vanilla) back in early 2009. It was formed because they were unhappy with hardcore raiding yet not satisfied with casual raiding. It is our goal to tread the ground between fun and progress, without feeling like the game is a job, and to provide a friendly yet serious raiding environment where our players are focused on progressing while still having fun and lives outside of the game, (and this is what we mean by "moderate").

If you are interested please reply here, or contact Batsamson, Zendog, or Docroe in game for more information!

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