Immortal Legacy 9/13H LF DPS and Healers

Recruiting for 6.2 and beyond!

If your class isn't on this list but you have some interest in joining, feel free to message us in game. We are looking for high-caliber players that want to keep raid days to a minimum. We are not recruiting for bench spots. You should expect to see a lot of raiding time.

Anyone interested should have 695+ ilvl or be able to prove they can perform with our raid at their current ilvl

Holy Paladin
Mistweaver Monk
Resto Shaman

Feral Druid (being able to play Guardian is a plus)
WW Monk (being able to play Brewmaster is a plus)
Shadow Priest
Elemental Shaman
Enhance Shaman
Warrior (being able to play Protection is a plus)

Raid Schedule (all times are central):
Monday: Off (optional extra raid day)
Tuesday: 8-11
Wednesday: 8-11
Thursday: 8-11
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off

Immortal Legacy distributes loot via loot council. Loot is distributed evenly across the raid based on attendance, performance, seniority, previous loot pieces, and others as well.

Trial Process:
Our trial is held for no longer than 1 month. We expect 90+% attendance during this time. You should come prepared for raid with Augment Runes appropriate for your class/spec, flasks, and pots. Feasts will be provided by the guild. By the end of that month, we will let you know our decision. If you are accepted, we expect you to transfer to Alleria and join the guild. We have found this to be a very successful way to operate things and make sure that both the trial and our guild are good fits for each other.

If you like what you read, please contact Mojak-Alleria, Gaurdian-Alleria, Shaquilohëal-Alleria (Skrillex#1912) or Treezuskrist-Alleria (Biiron#1997) and express your interest in our guild. We will make sure to get back to you ASAP! Good Luck and Have Fun

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