Welp, ‘Bout Time to Hit the Ol’ Dusty Trail

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We hope to see you around Bashiok. (Hopefully in WoW (or Blizzard) podcasts).
I legitimately liked your candor. Good luck.
<the mods took care of the troll so editing this>

Bashiok, this is crushing my heart. Your amazing writing over the years, full of your gentle informative prose peppered with your nutty wit that shone through the blue text, has been a highlight on these forums. I will miss reading your words here. I'm getting teary-eyed so I'm gonna make like a tree and... you know the rest.

Best wishes, happy travels and good fortune. May you brighten and inspire a whole legion of newbies to your writing in the future.
Thank you for your passion for our games, the community, and the people here at Blizzard, as well as your perpetually questionable humor, your deep-rooted honesty, and your constant zest to push the limits.

I wish you only the best to you on your future endeavors, and don't be a stranger. :)
Bashiok, I'm sorry to see you go but happy you have found a better opportunity! Will definitely miss seeing you around. I truly hope the best for you! ♥
May the Father of the Four Winds fill your sails over the sea of years.


There is so much to say about the good you have done here, but far and away I will remember when you put your real name out to defend the upcoming Blizzard real name policy. It was nothing short of heroic. I don't think it's too much to say that you saved the World (of Warcraft). Thank you for that, and for all the rest you have done for us.

Good luck and Godspeed,


*not my real name
May the road rise up to meet your feet, sun always be on your brow, and wind at your back.

Godspeed dude.You'll be missed.
Take care, Bashiok. You'll be missed. You were often a warm voice in the blizzard end of the community. Be strong out there, friend.
Good luck to you and your new opportunity! You will be missed.
Bashiok, it sucks to see you go, but wherever you do, Good luck :)
Bye Bashiok :'(. I always loved your communication and responses. I will miss you greatly! Good luck to you, sir!

P.S. Good topic title :)!


I am going to miss seeing you trolling these forums. Many of your replies were informative, insightful as well as humorous .

Good luck to you Mr. Tree and my you be successful in all of your future endeavors.
Best of luck
I'll miss you creepy fel tree. You're replies were often humurous and informative and as one of the more well known around here we'll have quite a hole to fill.
Live long and prosper! <3
I will miss you Bashiok, farewell.
But but but.... :'(

WE NEED SOMEONE TO COMMUNICATE WITH US. We are losing too many devs that actually reach out to the players.... can't afford this man..

Best of luck in your next big thing but I really wish you could pass on your qualities to the others as you take your leave...

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