Welp, ‘Bout Time to Hit the Ol’ Dusty Trail

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This is definitely a big thread. Thanks for what you have done for our community, Bashiok! You will be missed, the forums won't be the same without you.
Farewell Bashiok. For you just this once, I will in fact eat this rock.

And is that, Bornakk?! I though he forum died.
You've been the face of the Blizzard forums for me since I started posting here many years ago.

Very sad to see you move on, but very happy that a new chapter has opened for you.

Here's to you, the fel corrupted icky tree.
07/31/2015 02:00 PMPosted by Zarhym
I love you like a brother and wish you all the best in taking over for Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show. What an amazing opportunity!

This would be amazing!

Bashiok, I am very sorry to see you go. While we mostly spoke though emails and messenger or the occasional meeting, you were always an inspiration. Your love and support of our games and the community that played them was always evident and I personally appreciated your support throughout the years.

I will miss your wit, odd commentary and goofy antics, and especially your karaoke at the holiday party... Though not that mustache... >.>

I wish you well in this new opportunity, my friend, and hope that those you will be working with know just how lucky they are to have you.
Why couldn't it had been Zarhym instead.
Goodbye thanks for all the hard work!
Damn it Bashiok! WHYYYYYYYYYY?
I always admired how you handled yourself within the WoW community, Bashiok. It's unfortunate to see you go.

Thanks, and best wishes to you.
Gimme some gold before you split.
I'll miss ya, Drysc. You've been an inspiration and I feel like I've learned a ton from you, and your presence has always brought a smile to my face. Good luck, sir!
I'm a warrior... I... Can't... Cry... Must, refuse... Use... Berserker Rage... Damn it.... It's not working! D;
Aww, now I really want a fel infused tree thingy in my garrison.

Sads. :(
"Good news everybody"

Bash will not be allowed to leave Blizzard. He has to come back and lock this thread and point out the ToS and EULA that shows forums policy and point out that Blizzard does not allow, "I'm quitting WoW because of this" So we get to keep him here Forrevvveeerrr.

Serious note, best of luck in new adventures. The community will miss you.
Good luck on your future endeavor! And thank whoever made you into a toy so you'll never truly be forgotten!
Sorry to see you go Bashiok, it's been fun.

Wherever life takes you may it treat you well.

Iechyd da!
You will be missed Bashiok! Best of luck on your new quest in life!
Dang. Drysc you are oldschool cool. While I will miss you and deeply appreciate everything you've contributed to the forum community over the years, I am sure you are ready to take a step towards the next bigger, better thing in your life. Good luck man, and yes, I am thankful.
Dark Lady watch over you.
I'll miss you, Bashiok.

I really like the community managers, but I think you're my favorite.

You're even in my Pet Collection! I hope that didn't sound creepy. >_>

Good luck out there!

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