Welp, ‘Bout Time to Hit the Ol’ Dusty Trail

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People move on and people find new jobs, but i have to admit i am very sad to see Bashiok go. Good luck in the future i think you will be missed by a lot of people here.

Thank you for your time on the forums, I remember you coming you coming on late a few times at time to add your input to whatever was going on.

Good luck Bashiok
Can i have your stuff?

Also, you will be missed. May the Earth Mother watch over you.
Thank you for being a huge inspirational force, you will be greatly missed.
Good luck Bashiok! You forgot that it is "tradition" that when you leave Blizzard you tell everyone what you played. We...wanna...know...
Later Drysc.


And whatever new handles you choose to wear. Good times.
Thank you for everything and best of luck to you!
07/31/2015 07:26 AMPosted by Bashiok
Definitely thankful,

I understood that reference.
Take it easy, Bash. I don't hold any grudges for you banning me.

07/31/2015 07:28 AMPosted by Blaris
Can i have your stuff?

Happy trails, man! We'll miss your lighthearted banter and witty remarks - not to mention your Award-Winning Smile (TM). Wishing you all the best in the future! :)
Whats will all these veterans leaving? Makes no sense, good luck to you though.
I will miss seeing that mesmerizing fel tree avatar.

Later, Bashiok!
This is truly heartbreaking.

Thanks for all you have done for the community Bashiok. You will be missed!
07/31/2015 09:11 AMPosted by Dumprings
With Bashiok leaving.. I gotta ask.. Where is Bornakk? Did he also leave?

He works behind the scenes still. Mostly by hovering over our desks making sure things get done along with doing a lot of internal coordination.
Sad to hear you go Bashiok. Blizzard and us fans will miss you greatly. But wherever this new opportunity takes you, 'may your days be long, and your hardships few.' And as good old Nazgrim would tell us, "Come what may, we fight on!" Lok'tar Bashiok.... and farewell. /salute
Good Bye Bashiok, you will be missed :(.
To say that my day is off to a somber start wouldn't be too far from the truth. In context, you've long been my tank, my healer, and my DPS. You've encouraged me in my work and my career, you've provided me with guidance and many laughs (which I'll likely miss the most) while being an advocate for my success, and you've helped keep things in perspective while tackling a lot of hectic projects.

On a personal level, you've been a friend, mentor, traveling companion, frequent giver of joy and goofy faces, facial hair model, purveyor of candy, and a damn good cube-neighbor... despite all the times I purposely invaded your space. My fondest memories of our time together have to be PAX East in 2012, and that one time we all went out for karaoke and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Because you were ridiculously hilarious on stage.

You've paved the way for us to keep going, but I can't help but feel there will be a little empty spot in the office with you gone. It won't be the same, but thanks to your help and example, we'll be alright. We'll all miss you--I'll miss you, and I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me over the years.
You will be missed Bashiok.
Bashiok, nooooooo. D:
Sad post. Happy you're getting into Adult life chapter 2: A new job.

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