<CGK> Two Night Weekly Raid Team 8/13NHFC [A]

<CGK> is a gaming community with a focused presence in WoW on Proudmoore Alliance.

We are a friendly group whose members have varying interest in dailies, dungeons and PVP. But we have a core group who have been raiding HFC for two weeks. We currently have tanks, heals and dps. However, we have many raiders with powerful alts, and therefore we are recruiting more skilled players of any role. Hit us up if you are interested in tanking, healing or dps'ing and we will get you in. Currently, dps players are our top priority.

We use teamspeak. We raid on Tuesdays and Sundays. Our raid times are 5pm PST - 8pm PST.

We are recruiting raid members and casual players.

If you are a geared player looking for less time spent raiding while continuing progression, or a skilled player getting gear to catch up - contact us and let's get you meeting, greeting and raiding asap.

Feel free to reply to this forum post, contact any of us in game with a /who CGK, or send a whisper to:


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