What class will YOU play in Legion?

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A tank of some sort. Depends on how each on fares as to which one I will choose. Right now with the changes to BrM and them admitting they want them squishy when hits land, I'll be sitting my current main.

I'm hoping to get into alpha/beta so I can test run all the tank specs to see which one will shape up.

Currently on the fence about 4. Bear/DH/DK/Paladin (because thank gods Holy power is gone)
MW monk, same server. I mean they're buffing Revival, I can't possibly reroll.
Holding on to priest for dear life. Buckle up buckaroos!
I'm going to try them all out, but it most likely I will main a paladin for the fourth xpack in a row.
I want to try out both rogue and demon hunter when legion comes out. Hunter changes look like something fun to try out too.

I have no idea what my main will be. Whatever is the most fun to me I suppose.
Mostly enhancement shaman, hunter, death knight and will try out the monk and new demon hunter class of course!
Sticking Warrior because.

I'll see where my friends go but it'll probabaly still be Earthen Ring.

I'm not risking server transferring and losing this name.
This is my main, and she always will be no matter what the FoTM is.
08/09/2015 07:39 PMPosted by Hengi
Same server.

Both specs of the new class.

That's easy.

Probably my Shaman. Most likely staying on the same realm.
Druid, Paladin, Priest, Mage, Warrior, Hunter. Same classes as Vanilla, BC, Wrath, Cataclysm, MOP and WOD. Also have a Deathknight and a Monk. I have a rogue that I use as a bank alt but don't really play her.

Not considering changing servers.
When I get around to buying Legion, I have narrowed it to two classes. Druid and DK. I may or may not level the others I have. Depends on how much there is to do for solo players. I will not be changing any of my servers.
08/09/2015 07:49 PMPosted by Drozero
Stuck in a debate on that, honestly.....

Gonna at least try DH first, if not that, then either my Rogue, Hunter, DK, or Shadow

I'd rather stay horde, and would prefer a BE-Demon Hunter to a Night Elf one........ but with the vast majority of the pvp community being Alliance, I may finally end up biting the bullet and creating it on Tich-Alliance so there are actually RBGs at non yolo ratings to be found.

Not really thrilled about having to transfer my other toons/gold however.... or being alliance.

Got to play the beta at Blizzcon and let me just say NE Demon Hunters are MUCH better. BE's are too small to look decent in the super awesome DH armor. NE is hands down the way to go.
will probably be sticking to this as a main..

but am most looking forward to playing my warrior alt with the new melee animations and valhalla class hall
[Shath'yar] Ak'agthshi ma uhnish, ak'uq shg'cul vwahuhn! H'iwn iggksh uulwi gag OOU KAAXTH SHUUL!
Sorry, what?
I maimed my Mage in pve this expansion but wanted to play on my lock. I will be maining my lock next expansion for pve. For pvp I will be on my feral Druid like I have been for the past five years. I'll stay on the same servers, but probably move my lock to another guild for progression purposes.
I'm gonna be a zombie bear! TYVM
I will be playing all the classes!!
Transferred this toon to Dalaran (wanted a fresh start) when I came back mid expansion. Will continue to ride the Death Knight tank train as far as it'll carry me. I'll also obviously be making a Vengeance Demon hunter. Love me some tanks.

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