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Greetings friends. The story thus far.

Years of the secluded peace in the Stonetalon Mountains and tenuous relationship with the Grimtotem. The Firetotem tribe was driven from their home after the events of the burning legion invasion on Kalimdor (Warcraft 3). Those who survived were either scattered, captured by Kolkar, or killed by Quilboars.

Years later; What few of the old Firetotem Tribe left have decided to re-band together to form the Redwood Tribe, a new start to build a new family foundation that can grow strong like the mighty redwood that once dwelled in Windshear Crag.

Current Members:

Chief Tanahrok - lv 93 Shaman, founder of the tribe and former Firetotem. Soft spoken but enthusiastic about his family and always wishes to encourage better from them. Though firm in his beliefs.

Council Kulem - lv 100 Druid, council member of the tribe, and former member of the Firetotem. often takes trips to Northrend, he is a strong avid fighter for the Stonetalon Mountains.

Elder Trodorne -lv 100 Warrior, Half Night Elf/ Blood Elf; Though unfamiliar of his own parentage. He was taken from his Night elf mother before they would discover his blood elf skin. Raised by the Firetotem since a baby. Devout to the family, but often feels alone because of racial heritage.

Steadyhoof - lv 22 Warrior, One of the next generational Firetotem that was found orphaned. But has returned to his family. Strong and determined to fight to regain what was taken from him in the past.

Purpose of the Tribe: It is mainly RP, social and looking just to be a prominent member of the Horde RP community by organizing events with other RP guilds or semi RP guilds. we have a once a month meeting to discuss with all tribal members of what has happened and what we need to do or what we can do.

The idea is to make the game itself fun for those who want something else other than PvP or raiding all the time. if it comes to it we can join up as a group to raid. We don't need more than 25 members, and since we are already almost 20% there. we open the doors up to Tauren roleplayers specifically. If we can get Tauren of Brown or Black fur, it matches with the Firetotem heritage. but we honestly are open for any tauren.

Non-Tauren can join but as an honorary member. which may limit what they can do in the guild but still brings them into the fold enough to join in any activities that we would have planned.
if you want to join, contact Tanahrok, Trodorne or Kulem by whisper or by mail. we can meet you in person and then rp out your return to the family.

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