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I have a Mac Pro 5,1 with an Nvidia GTX 1080 and the latest build for me is 378.

I installed the 108 patch and it wouldn't boot. I had to reinstall 105 to get everything to work.
sounds like you didn't install security update yet. 108 is for security update, 105 is for not security update.
Someone told me that nVidia has long finished the Mojave driver, but they MUST be "approved" by the fruit before they can release them. Obviously, they are NOT being approved, can anyone dispute that?
I mean nvidia basically said that on their forums.

Post for preference:

as well as pinned announcement:
Do you think it's possible that if this goes on for too long Nvidia could just release the driver on the side in some completely sort of unsupported way? I mean with my low knowledge of the actual problem at hand, would it basically just be a matter of Apple need to sign the driver before SIP is happy with it?

I'm hoping they just sort of say "Here you go, if you know how to make it work good for you clever person, but we accept no responsibility etc etc."
It isn't that SIP would be unhappy about it, it's the library validation that would be unhappy about it. And more apps are moving to library validation as time goes by (such as Little Snitch). Without an Apple approved driver, no lib validation. No lib validation, no worky with apps that require it.

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