Old dungeons are just awful now

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When I'm tired of plowing through dungeons, I go questing. Slows the pace down, plenty of time to run around and see things and talk to people and pull too many mobs if I want.

Dungeons are the streamlined way to level. I wouldn't object to something like a solo Challenge mode which awarded ten levels for a completion, but at the moment, there are two ways to level: the fast way and the scenic way. And everyone does the scenic way before 15 and after 90. Seems fair and not game-breaking.

Regrettably, they rarely design new content below level cap (as in Cata), so something had to be repurposed.
Yep. Pretty faceroll until 90, and even then it is easy. Best option is to get some like-minded friends and do dungeons that you are largely undergeared for.
Been playing SWTOR recently and it's interesting to play a game where leveling can still be a challenge. Doing Heroic 2+ missions solo requires CC, focus targeting, patience, and actually knowing how to play the class. It's fun and interesting... completely different from what WoW leveling is now. In many ways, as WoW has undergone some huge fundamental changes over the last 4-5 years, SWTOR is truer to what WoW used to be than WoW is. Kind of strange.
If one mob pull is too ez, try pulling 2 mobs

if 2 mobs are too ez, try 3

if 3 mobs are too ez, try 4

if 4 mobs are too ez, try 5

then brag to all ur friends on how pro u are #1 WoW champion NA wowowowowowowow
08/10/2015 09:15 AMPosted by Kivv
It's pretty sad. I started a new mage the other day, and in my first dungeon I actually couldn't do any damage because everything--even the bosses--was dying before I could finish a single frostbolt cast. So I basically just ran along and looted stuff. Not a very great experience :-/

I've leveled a few tanks through LFD and I think the *extremely* high tank damage at low levels is the cause of this. Most recently I leveled a feral druid through grinding dungeons and I could literally solo everything up to at least mid 30s, maybe up to level 40. The rest of the party was just there for the free XP.
I hear ya OP. I pretty much just ran old content during MoP. Have barely played WoD due to everything old being absolutely faceroll now.

I pretty much spent 4.2-5.4 running old raids on different classes, trying to use strategy to down bosses. Now you can walk into any old raid, fart, and everything inside dies.

I really wish bliz wouldn't scale older content with endgame. They should have separate algorithms for 1-90 and 90-100. The only thing left I enjoy is low level PVP and the desire to do it come and goes.
The purpose was to help people level along faster on alts, since max level continuously increases.

However, a better solution would be to keep the same level of difficulty and just increase the amount of experience for completing the entire dungeon (side bosses and all). This way it would highly unlikely you'd have to run the same dungeon twice (since you should be getting a few levels and move beyond it in the queue), but completing each dungeon will be fulfilling.

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