Oronok Torn-Heart Follower Quest Bugged?

Bug Report
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Ditto, Completed the quest line nothing to get the follower.
No follower here :P
Same problem, completed it and no Follower Quest.... It sucks not having the old ticket system, back then problems like this would be completed easily... now we've got to report it a thousand times in forums with no clear answer whatsoever =/
Finished the Garrison Campaign quests, did not receive a quest to unlock Oronok Torn-heart.
just adding my post to confirm
did not get a follower quest
Adding my name to the growing list of people that have bugged out the quest.

Got the Pursuit of Guldan achievement
Got the pet
didn't pay attention if i got the rep or not

but definitely no quest to get Oronok as a follower
Did not get Oronok.
No Oronok for me!
Same for me. I completed the quest in a group with my boyfriend. He got Oronok as a follower and I did not.
Who - Mércénáryz
What - Oronok Torn-Heart Follower Quest never appeared after completing The Cipher of Damnation Quest.
Where - Area 52, Horde
When - 10:30 am server time
How -Completed quest, got the pet from pickup nearby. Got 2 achievements, Jungle Hunter 51/51 and In Pursuit of Gul'dan. No follower.
Did it on this toon this morning, no follower. Just did it on an alt, she got the follower. Is it a bug with rep maybe? Most of the posts here seem to be mains not having it, but some alts getting it. This toon is exalted with all three tanaan, my alt's highest is honoured with headhunters.
On the mains and alts theme - I wonder if mains are just killing the NPC too quickly? Perhaps Oronok has to engage in the fight to correctly spawn the quest giving version of himself? I wanted to science it but none of my alts are on the quest until next week.
Completed the quest line on my main not even realizing I was supposed to get a follower until I logged off and completed the quest line on my alt who got this follower, same server, guild ect ..... (no problem with pet)
Same as all the others. No quest to acquire oronok.
Yep Yep same problem
Also did not receive Oronok from the quest. The pet appeared instantly, though.
same here.. finished the quest, got the achievement - In Pursuit of Gul Dan but didn't get any follower..
Same. Completed quest, was able to get the pet, but no quest for the follower.
Might as well add my name to this list, considering I can't open a ticket for some reason. I just finished the quest and I'm exalted with all reputations, I was able to get the pet and achievement but not the follower.

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