<Rhetorical> 12/13H LF solid DPS, Hpal, Disc

<Rhetorical> 12/13H HFC is recruiting skilled experienced players of their class for quick progression and into Mythic, immediate core spots for good DPS & healers.


Updated 7/31

Druid - Balance (High)
Warlock - (High)
Hunter - (High)
Warrior - Arms/Fury (High)
DK - Frost/Unholy (High)
Mage - (Medium)
Paladin - Holy (High)
Resto Shaman (High)
Disc Priest (High)
Mistweaver Monk (High)

Exceptional players of any class always taken seriously aside the recruitment needs.

Important aspects

Tenacious, able to go through needed wipes on mythic content
Reliable and online before raid invites go out
Mindset for continuous improvement
Takes personal responsibility of their performance in raid
Will seek advice to understand their role and class better
Treats raiding like a job while also enjoying themselves
Dedicated, mature, positive person who knows their class and strives to always better themselves
Thick skin, able to take constructive, fair criticism, able to admit mistakes if they are made and fix them asap.
Vocal player with a clear sounding mic/headset and will talk when ever it's needed.
Pull your weight, listen and do what you're supposed to be doing while raiding.
Comes prepared ahead of time by doing research on the boss fights

Toxic players will not be tolerated, regardless of skill. If the player creates too much drama or disrupts the guild in a negative way, we will remove them.

Raid days & times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 6PM - 10PM Pacific

Proudmoore US
Progression: 12/13H HFC

Apply at rhetorical.enjin.com or if you'd like to chat further contact the battletags below.

Contact: Shadelol#1591 || Nick#13541 || Yukiox#1520

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