[A] 13/13N, 8/13H Windwalker ilvl 702

Hey there. I'm looking for a new guild (Not on this toon) for my 702 Windwalker, as my friends and I intend on going Alliance for Legion. Ideally, the guild would be a Heroic/Mythic guild to satisfy my raiding desires.

I'm available about any time during the week, but I storngly prefer to have at least one raid day on Wednesdays. I'm flexible with hours, but I have a strong preference for evenings but ending no later than 12 AM PST, as I am East Coast and beyond 3 AM is really late.

My raiding background is relatively extensive, and so for brevity's sake I'll only post it on guild websites if so required.

I can be contacted at nephilim$1432 if you prefer more immediate responses as opposed to the forum route.

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