How many Apexis do you currently have?

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Used a fair amount for 695 stuff.
i haven't looked in awhile. No worthwhile reward.
I allready have the mount. But I do have about 7k apexis on me atm.
I upgraded every piece of equipment I could get to 695 so spent tons of apexis so far since patch. I currently have around 25k on me.
Originally, I had enough for the mount, but I bought some of the empowered apexis stuff for my alts and the Rukhmar toy, as the mount isn't a high priority for me. Have about 100k+ now I think.
290k across my alts. Don't know what to do with them.
Once I get the mount and the toy from the Order, I'll probably do however many dailies I need to keep my seal income up. If I can easily keep up with Crystals alone, I might just ditch my Bunker for a Mage Tower or Stable.
I have 101k on my main, would have had more, but bought 3 pairs of gloves and a pair of bracers. NONE of which gave me the right stats so I stopped gambling my shards.
Just got the mount. Down to around 7k.
Hoarding them, (Since I bought just about everything I could with them), I suppose it will be like my endless supply of oil that I can not use as fast as I obtain it though.
105k saving for the mount and the toy
40K I bought the mount 3 days ago.
I REALLY want the mount, so, working hard for that.

Sitting on 101k ATM, feeling kind of burnt out, but still chugging along. I'll be glad once I buy it though, then I can stop obsessing over it every day, it'll be a nice relief. Lol.
39 k i already got the mount now going for the toy
60-70K and I too am saving them up for the mount. Then I'll go back to grinding them to gear up my alts. I only see about 10K a day and that's with the spirit lodge giving me maybe 1k/day
~160k currently on this character, I started 6.2 at the 60k cap though.

I really need to spend some, but I've had just enough time to run through the dailies before work, and not enough time to think about how I want to spend them.

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Did that not get nerfed yet? LOL I remember seeing this somewhere and thought, "Oh Blizz'll nerf that asap!"

If it's still possible, I'd do it. >.>

he earned 150k apexis crystals pre 6.2 but the cap was lower than that so he bought pants and capped his apexis you he had apexis cap and the pants to make up the remainder
I only do the dailies (dont actively seek out other bonus apexis areas), sitting at 135k... few more days for mount.

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