Mage LF 2 day raid 6-9 server

Hi there, I am currently a 696 mage looking for a new raiding guild. I am looking for a guild that raids 2 days starting after 5:30 server and ending by 9:00 server. I am not available Friday or Saturday as I am usually away from home a few weekends a month. I might be able to add a 3rd day for the right group.

I have raided with the same guild since the end of DS. We have been through a server transfer, more rebuilds than I can count and a sort of failed guild merger before finally splitting at the release of 6.2. I have been raiding with the other group in my guild but unfortunately their time does not work for me long term so it is time for me to move on.

There are public logs of me available on warcraftlogs so feel free to check them out. I tend to perform on the high side for my item level range. I am currently main spec arcane but I can play any of the three mage specs comfortably after finally trying out fire in BRF. I pick up on fight mechanics fairly quickly and I keep up on the latest info for my class (altered-time and icyveins). I have 4 other level 100’s but none of them are really geared currently. It does give me flexibility in changing mains for the next expansion though.

The ideal group I am looking for would be a laid back group that still clears content at a decent pace. I am also looking for the right fit for the long term. I was in the same raid for 4.5 tiers and hope my next group lasts longer. Please feel free to contact me in game on Berolo or add mmoore#1332.
Still looking for the right fit.
We raid at those times... but on Tuesday, Friday and Saturdays. Let us know if your schedule changes to fit that or chat with me in game.
Hi Grimmy, unfortunately I cannot reliably do weekends.
Berolo, take a minute to check out our guilds post!

we raid 2 days a week from 6-9 server on tue / thur. I was actually looking for the exact same schedule, so I transferred over here just to raid with these guys. Awesome group. Laid back, but have a great pace during raid.

Last night, took down first 8 bosses on first night (looking to get next 2 down on thur).

Send a message to our raid leader on the forum post!

We are recruiting for ranged dps and you sound like a good fit!

Take a look!

Raid Times:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 5:30(PST server) till (8:30 PST server).

Progress is 12/13 Normal.
We use Mumble voice client, provide repairs and flasks for our raiders.
Need motivated players that want to be successful and enjoy a team environment!

Check us out at the link below and put in an app today!

Thank you for looking!

Send me a msg and lets talk!

Add me or my raid leads to your real id, if you have questions.

GM: commander#1222
RL: mad#1887
RL: meatshyld#1199
Officer: vallora#1451
<Cosmic> is fun friendly guild based on Proudmoore (Alliance) recruiting reliable raiders to join our core team.

Core team is a tight knit group consisting of wholesome adults who like to have fun in and out of raids. We enjoy raiding with each other having a lot of banter during raid nights but still keeping progression in mind and try our best to down bosses each tier that comes along.

Our current progression in HFC is 9/13N having only 10 to 13 people show up during raid days.

Raid times
Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-9pm server (US_PT)

We are currently recruting

Feral and Balance Druid

We currently have tanks right now but if u are a dps with a secondary spec being tank it would help out

Good on healers but off spec healers would be a good addition to the group

If you can regularly make the raid days even if your class isn't specifically listed feel free to apply to join us as we progress thru Hellfire Citadel

Leave a message here, mail or contact us in game if you feel like you will be a great addition to our guild


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