693 Returning Dk 90th Percentile LF guild

Back from a 6 month break!
Hello, i had quit during the 1st week of mythic BrF being launched where i achieved 2 bosses down on mythic during the 1st week, During early start of WoD i was in "Gentlemen and Scholars" and eventually became an officer within that guild due to some people leaving, We maintained #3 Proudmoore status for a bit. My RL friends ended up quitting the game so i decided to quit aswell. Because of my 6 month Break 6.2 is still pretty new to me and i'm looking for a group of people who can keep up with my fast learning, and who just need a solid DK overall. I understand my gear is behind but its to be expected, I don't care how far you are in Hellfire Citadel because i am pretty behind on this content and i want to see if its possible for me to get back into the raiding scene. I need a home that is looking to progress hard in future patches and upcoming expansions. Once again i don't really care how far you are in this patch, But i want a steady future and a good start again like i had during this expansion

I have logs, They are old but i feel as if they are the best thing i have to demonstrate what i was doing in terms of effort on my part,a lot are in the 90th percentile and some even higher then that.

Please feel free to respond here, or add my battletag
Not sure what raid schedule you're looking for, but we're looking to add another DPS DK. If you're a competent offspec tank, so much the better!

You can read a bit about what we're looking for here:


Our raid times are Mon/Wed/Sun 5.30 server to 8.30 server. If you want to know more, feel free to any of the following in game:


...or you can also ping anyone online with the guild tag, they'll be happy to help if they can. :)
Added you on btag.

So, not gonna lie, I sent a link to this post to the raid leader and he was like, "GET HIM!!!", lol. In short, we're looking for a few more dps to add to our raid team. If you check out our website, we aren't specifically looking for a death knight, however we're more than happy to bring in exceptional players regardless of what class they play. And someone who regularly parses quite well would always be an asset!

We raid Tues/Weds/Sun from 7-10pm EST. Currently we are 10/13H with a 2% wipe on Xhul, so he should be dying on our next raid night.

More information about who we are, our raiding goals, etc can be found on our website under our About Us section: resistance.guildlaunch.com

I'd love a chance to get to talk to you about joining Resistance!
Hey Koiki,

I know my wife, Kymiia, already spoke with you, but unfortunately we have to take her computer to the shop as her video card decided to die on us. So, I'm going to send you a btag request to keep the line of communication open. Would love to trial you out with us! Hopefully, you are still open and interested. I believe we may be just what you are looking for!


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