Dance Of The Dead 2015 (RPPVP)

Moon Guard
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For far too long the Forsaken have labored under the baleful gaze of the KorKron Overseers. With the recent rebellion, and the disposal of the Overseers from the Undercity the Forsaken are once more at liberty to live, fight, and ravel as they please. How better to celebrate their new found freedom than to evoke an old tradition that the KorKron saw fit to outlaw?

Returning to their roots this Hallow’s Eve, the Forsaken shall once more host an annual celebration that the Lord and Lady of the Caer Darrow once hosted. This now macabre celebration is a mockery of the once great Autumn festival hosted by the once living of the isle. Most notable of all the nights activities is the dreaded Great Hunt. For on this night, the Forsaken select a number of Prisoners of War and offer them something precious: their life. But only if…they can run for it.


A Dance Of The Dead GM planning meeting for GMs are coming up. Prior to the annual event, we will be hosting a series of GM meeting to keep people in the loop on planning, and everyone coordinated.

Latest News: *Please see the rp schedule for rp events open to the public.*

Alliance Contact (Whisper or Mail): Tanzher <Eastern Offensive>, Kenny<The Pyrebird Sodality>, Sylvael <Dor Serrar>
Horde Contact (Whisper or Mail): Banshih <Undercity Nexus>, Larrendias <First Light>, Amalathea <Blackbriar>

If you are interested in attending as Horde or Alliance just drop me an in game mail and I'll have you added to the calendar events.

**Alliance RP Events (Open Public RP Events, contact for inv)**

*Midnight Raids - October 2nd
*First Summit - October 4th

-Training/Assignments Events-
*Combat Seminar - October 7th
*Healing and Medical Seminar - October 10th
*Magic/Undead General training - October 12th
*Northbound March/Second Summit - October 17th
*Completed March - October 18th
*D20/PVP Assignment events - October 19th/20th

Hallow's End Caer Darrow Party (HORDE RP EVENT - OVER 150,000g IN PRIZES)

Start: 9:45pm
Location: Caer Darrow

Anyone found trolling the party will forfeit their prizes.

Duel tournament – Champion Of The Hallow
• Hosted By: Ironsteel Assembly
• GM Contact: Xandras
• Time: 10pm until finish.
• About: Members of the Horde will test their combat readiness and skill against their peers.
• First Place: Sky Golem (mount), character head sketch by Kenny, 30,000g, RP title: Champion Of The Hallow - Second Place: 20,000g & Coalfist Gronnling (mount) - Third Place: 10,000g
Wheel Of Misfortune
• Hosted By: Undercity Nexus
• GM Contact: Banshih
• Time: 10pm to 11pm
• About: Spin the wheel, and hope that something bad does not happen.
• Prize: Who ever first lands on 13 at the wheel will get custom character art by Ickariss. There are a number of mystery prizes also included in the wheel, some of which are less than desirable. Items include 30 slot bags, and more.
Smoke Lounge
• Hosted By: Atuad Nehjo
• GM Contact: Slashen
• Time: 10:30pm to 11:30pm
• About: Kick back, and enjoy a good drink and some smokes with some of the Horde’s finest. This lounge will run for an hour, and is a relaxed open setting for anyone to stumble into and take a load off their feet and minds.
Pet Battle Tournament
• Hosted By: Blackbriar Consortium
• GM Contact: Amalathea
• Time: 11pm
• About: Bring your best pet battling team, and face off against other players.
• Prizes: First Place, Nightmare Bell + first choice of Raiding With Leashes Pet, Second Place: Choice Of Raiding With Leashes Pet, Third Place: Choice of Raiding With Leashes Pet
Costume Contest
• Hosted By: First Light
• GM Contact: Larrendias
• Time: 11pm until finish.
• About: Break out your best costume, and then strut your stuff before the rest of the Horde. There are a few different categories, with prizes for each!
Sketch Booth
• Hosted By: Kenny
• Time: 11:30pm to 12:30am (firm)
• About: Get a quick sketch of your character. Don’t forget to tip the artist for their hard work, suggested 500g tip minimum.
• Hosted By: Blackbrair Consortium
• Time: 10pm to Midnight (firm)
• About: Win a wild assortment of prizes such as a skygolem (mount), a coalfist gronling (mount), and several different pets all leveled to 25, including things like a rascalbot and the little cooking pot looking pet.

(Ran out of space, more booths are listed deeper in thread!)
Lookin forward to this!
It's that time of year again!
We are eagerly looking forward to this year's event, as well as the upcoming meetings.

See you there, rotters! Oh, and do encourage your lovely leader to dress up in something ... glamorous, for the occasion! <3
Let the hunt begin!
Loved the heck out of it last year as a side-liner. May be time to get more involved!
Time to serve my one true purpose. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!
Now I'm curious as to what this is. And based off

Oh, and do encourage your lovely leader to dress up in something ... glamorous, for the occasion! <3

I wonder if it's one of those naughty naughty events. Then again, I always think those noble people events are just naughty naughty events in disguise. But seriously, sounds like an interesting thing, even though I'm not sure what it is.
Oh yes. There will be blood. Dis year gunna be gud year.
The eyes turn to the east once again.
We have a nice lineup for this year, the Horde coordinators are great folks. There are a few tweaks to the story for this year that will keep the annual bloodsport fresh, and the fighting as ugly as ever.
Quick question who do I send mail to on ally?
I'm angling for the time off again this year; hope I can make it and offer some Shadowy blessings for the Hordies!
Shaping up to be a great event! Anyone Alliance feel free to contact me with any questions, or interest.
Just send me mail, and I should get back to you quickly.. I have a lot of free time...
Hope I can make it! *crosses fingers*

It's going to be fun!
It's been great fun the few years I've managed to make it; that's why I'm already working on getting the night of the dance off again this year!

I'm not much for PVP normally, but as an event this has always gotten me out and about in the fields in past, and even if changes this year make it entirely different, the RP part of it has literally gone on until dawn before. There's bound to be something for everyone, and prizes to boot!
07/18/2015 06:02 AMPosted by Ryin
Time to serve my one true purpose. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!

What if like the chaos guys were making a mistake and it was supposed to be like kitten skulls or something? instead of human skulls.
I like to poke alliance for information!
No no, Xelth, put those branding irons down. We need them to help plan right now.

I mean, obviously it'll be a different situation when the event rolls around, but less on fire and more actually cooperative would be useful for now. :D

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