boomy LF weekend raiding guild

hi i am a returning to wod i am currently 689 still working my my gear tho i am still learning to play better. i am open to tip on my play style. other then that i learn pretty quick. pst me on here or in game.
Hey Ivrick!

Grievance is recruiting and looking to fill out their raid roster. We are now 11/13 in Hellfire Citadel and are looking to move forward towards heroics. We are actively recruiting, and no, you don't have to be a raider. And no, we don't require that you raid every night with us to be able to join raids. We understand that you have a real life too! All we ask is that you abide by our charter, be at least 18 and have fun!

Grievance is an adult guild and we have a lot of fun together. Most of our members are in their late 20's to early 50's, so there is little drama to be had here. We are a casual guild that raids three times a week. As a member of our guild, you gain the benefits of being a member of a multi-gaming guild that has been in existence for almost 15 years!

We are always looking for new members for gaming with us but as for raiding we are looking for the following.
1 Mistweaver Monk with Windwalker off spec.
1 Holy Paladin with Retribution off spec.
1 Holy Priest with Discipline off spec (ability to function as Disc effectively if current Disc Priest if offline).
1 Elemental Shaman with Resto off spec.
1 Hunter
1 or 2 Balance Druids

Progression raid times (8/13):
Tuesday - 6PM Server - 8PM Server (Hellfire Citadel - Normal ilvl 675)
Friday - 6PM Server - 9PM Server (Hellfire Citadel - Normal ilvl 675)
Saturday - 6PM Server - 9PM Server (Hellfire Citadel - Normal ilvl 675)

Alt/Other Raids times:
Thursday - 6PM Server - 8PM Server (Old School Raids)

Come check us out and look around our website. If you like what you see, sign up.

You can always do a /who Grievance to look to see who’s online and ask more questions.
I am any of the toons that start with “Grim”

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