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Welcome to Magmatic Visions - Proudmoore (US) {A}

About us: Magmatic Visions was founded by past top 25 US players looking for a place where progression will occur and end tier content will be farmable before the release of the next patch without having to put in 15+ hours a week during progression.

Progression: After two weeks we're 12/13n and 8/13h, we are already out progressing many guilds that have been raiding since the patch started.

Recruitment Status
Tanks: Not currently looking for a tank.
Healers: Looking into all well performing MW/Resto Sham/Holy priest/Resto Druid.
DPS: Elemental shaman, 1 or 2 dps dks and a boomkin.

Schedule: 8-11PM PST Tues-Thurs

Why choose Magmatic Visions?: As previously stated, our leadership has the experience to create a higher end raid team. I believe that we can and will do so once we have devoted well performing players. ‘I expect all of my players to perform as though they were part of a top 100 world guild even if we aren’t one; yet...’- Selka (GM)

(Keep in mind that the group is forming and we will be removing people if they under-perform consistently.)
Contacting us!

MV GM/Raidlead: Selka-Proudmoore; Btag: Wafflegasm#1927
Proudmoore needs more R.Druids...
lol, yes you do apparently. xD
We are now 9/13n and 4/13h
Le boomp
Looking for strong healers and dps. Please contact one of us!
Bumping on a friday.
8/13H now!

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