Crimson Blades currently recruiting!

Hi Everyone,

~Crimson Blades~ is currently 13/13 N HFC and 6/13 H HFC.

We are currently looking for mature, reliable and geared raiders (core team is 690+) to progress through Heroic Hellfire Citadel. We are a laid back guild but still want to progress to Mythic content. We like to joke around but when it is time to do boss encounters, everyone gets serious!

Please note that we are desperately seeking ALL ranged dps but specifically:
- Warlocks
- Mages
- Ele Shaman
-Shadow Priest
- Mistweaver Monk

All serious applications will be considered.

We currently raid Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday from 7 to 10pm server.
Addons required for our raiders are: DBM (of course), Exorsus Raid Tools and Iskar Assist, and we use Mumble for communication.

If you feel that this may be a good home for you, please contact Feoraa or Wraithfurry at the following battle tags for more information

Feoraa = Feoraa#1915
Wraithfurry – Wraith#1252

PS: Another female raider would be lovely!! Hate being the only one in this raid team!! :P oo wait no females play wow I almost forgot :P
still looking for ranged dps and healers
wouldn't be in need of a DK at all then?
we are currently very melee heavy and have 2 dk's atm
Still looking for ranged dps but also need a tank!

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