Venom Rush bug

I was doing some dailies today when I noticed that venom rush wasn't proccing. Weird, I thought, so I checked my poisons etc. and nothing was missing. I pulled a single mob and just let my white attacks go on it for a bit to see if I could proc venom rush at all. Eventually it procced, quickly stacked to 3, and then wore off immediately. I was using instant poison and leeching poison at the time. I'm currently wearing t17 2 and 4 set, if that matters. Anyone else seeing similar behavior?
Just tried removing leeching poison to see if it fixes. Still stacks to 3 and then disappears in less than a second. It then takes ~5 seconds for it to pop up again. Does the same thing.
Happened a few days ago too. Blizzard was having server side problems at the time and I don't know what caused the bug but it did exist. Perhaps its back?

I was able to get VR up with FoK but it would immediately fall off in a second.
Averaging around 5% uptime on the buff, whereas before it was 99%-100%. I can't imagine this was an intended change. Hopefully it gets fixed soon...
Try removing the talent, and brining it back up; if that doesn't work shut down wow and battle net, bring them back up and see if that fixes it.. If not then I don't know what to tell you because I was having the exact same problem and after getting DC'd in 3's about 10 different times the bug went away.. But each time I was forced to re-start WoW because the game wouldn't just let me log back on for what ever reason..

However they did hot-fix DFA a couple days later, so that may be part of it.

Ill do some testing to see if its happening, but I assure you when it does happen you can sure as heck feel the difference in your rotation, its painful.
This is definitely a bug and happens to me sometimes when switching back and forth between combat and assassination specs in raids. Reloading the UI doesn't fix the problem. I have to log completely out of the game, erase my cache and log back in. Pretty exasperating since there's no way to check if there's an issue until the boss is pulled and I see that I'm not getting my Venom Rush buff.
Fixed today, logging out must have done the trick. I wonder how many boss fights I've had this bug without even noticing... Might have to go back to combat/sub if this is a specific bug from switching between assassination and combat.

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