(A) 686 frost DK needs new home

I am looking to get back into raiding after a break due to problems with work, however now I am in a much more stable working environment and am very excited to get back into raiding. I am currently playing a 686 DW frost DK and was raiding 3 days a week for most of draenor, now I am looking to get back in 2 - 3 days a week however my current shift does not meet my old guilds times.
I am available between 2pm and 8pm PDT (Server Time) any day except tuesday, I would like to raid 3 hours a day 2 - 3 days a week. If you are interested in me for your team please reply to this post or contact me in game.

About me
I have been playing off and on since the beginning of time (around 2004) making the raiding scene in burning crusade and falling in love with it. Various reasons from growing bored during long content gaps (end of Wrath) and bad work schedules and school have caused me to take a few breaks from the game. I love raiding but do not wish to raid hardcore anymore but still would like to see content downed by the end of a patch.

Raiding Experience


Kara - Full Clear (Warlock)
ZA - Full Clear (Warlock)
TK - 2 Bosses (Warlock)

Naxx 10 and 25 - Full Clear (Holy Paladin)
Ulduar 10 - Full Clear pre nerfs (all hard modes except yogg) (Holy Paladin)
Ulduar 25 - All Bosses Except Yogg pre nerfs(XT and Flame Leeviathan Hardmodes) (Holy Paladin)
Trial 10 and 25 - full Clear pre nerf (2 bosses heroic on 10 man) (Priest)
ICC 10 - Full clear (a few bosses on heroic) (Priest)
ICC 25 - first wing down (Priest)

BoT 10 - Full clear (Blood DK)
BWD 10 - Full clear except nef (Blood DK)
Firelands 10 - Full Clear (Blood DK)
Dragonsoul 10 - Full Clear (Blood DK)

MSV 10 - Full Clear (Blood DK)
HoF 10 - Full Clear (BLood DK)
ToES 10 - Full Clear (Blood DK)
Throne of Thunder - Missed due to work
Seige - Full Clear (Priest)

Highmaul 20 - Full Clear normal and heroic(Kargath Mythic) (Frost DK)
BRF 20 - 7/10 heroic 9/10 normal (Unholy DK)
I had to quit about a month and a half into BRF due to work however now I am on a much more stable shift at work and will not be having shift problems anymore.

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