8/18 - Realm Drops and Recoveries

Technical Support
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Bronzebeard- US is down
More than several. Lightbringer
Crushridge-Pandaria is down also.
Apparently Shu'halo is down in some parts...
I have one character that I can't log in (the character is in Storm Peaks, Northerend), and one character I can log in, which is in the Hinderlands...
So it's confirmed that this is a DDoS attack? Ouch. You have my sympathies.
Silvermoon/mok'nathal are saying they are "up" but wont load.. character screen
Sisters of Elune has been down since this started 2 hours ago
ETA on fix????
Tichondrius is up, but portals are not working :S
Tichondrius, cannot log in to my mage that is stuck around ogrimar and my dk around thunderbluff.
Dunemaul =/
Darkspear- US
Sigh I just want to turn in my dailies on Wyrmrest
Booooooooooooooo!!!!! D-:<
Quick Blue response please!
I expect 10,000G delivered to my inbox as reparation for the time I can't spend in-game generating cash-flow.
Draenor is still down

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