I still take flight paths

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Something I noticed after getting Pathfinder:

In Wrath, Cata, and MOP, once I had flying, I stopped using flight paths. I honestly don't know if it was any faster or slower, but it just seemed more immersive to me.

Since flying was removed in WOD, I found myself alt tabbing during flight paths, or taking a quick break to grab a drink or talk to my wife. And because we were grounded for so long, I got used to it.

Now that I can fly again, I've found that I got so used to those little breaks, I still take the flight paths and enjoy them.

No real point here, just an observation I wanted to share.
I used flight paths in the old world where I could fly. I cancelled over no flying in WoD. and I knew I would still use flight paths once I could fly. Flight paths have their time and place, like you need to afk a bit and just get somewhere. But for in-zone travelling and moving around, nothing beats real flying.
the only real thing that annoys me about the flight paths is that they are overpriced and the take off in WoD seems slower to me
is it slower?
i use flying to bypass mobs cuz i am a wimp
I very rarely do any more. Only if I'm travelling a long way and need to do something else.

I've probably saved several hundred gold since flight.
OP I've still been taking flight paths if i know i need to go do something in rl and rather not overshoot where i want to go and die in the ocean or get stuck flying into a mountain.
I still take flight paths as well if I need to tab out for some reason, or to get up and go do something away from my computer.

Otherwise, I fly around manually and enjoy the trip. So far, I've found some really neat little things that weren't able to be seen via the ground while mucking about from place to place. :)
I still take flight paths in both WoD and in old content, especially when I've got a fair distance to travel. That way I can get up, move around, maybe get a drink or whatever, but if I get distracted I don't have to worry about overshooting my destination and ending up out in the middle of the ocean and about to die.
I've always taken flight paths regardless of whether I have flying or not, mostly so I can alt tab and read the forums without flying off into fatigue areas.

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